Part I: Insertion


Seri narrowed her eyes at the trooper, debating amonst herself if it was worth it to childishly stick her tongue out at the lawful-stupid clones flanking them."I...uh... see your point. I'll behave!"

She shot a quick, innocuous glare at the wookie as her mind factored in what was being suggested. Stealing the controls off the wookie would be harder to do then off the clones...or would it? "See, I'm behaving already." The thief calmly reassured everyone.

The girl turned to formally introduce herself the group, complete with a happy grin on her face. "I swear this isn't as bad as it looks. It's all just a big misunderstanding. I'm actually suppose to be in charge here but I'm such a big damn hero the fame would ruin the mission before it even began. I know, what's someone like me going to do? Only...well, they mixed up 'war hero undercover' and think I'm actually a criminal - can you believe it! I'm going to demote the fool who messed up this paperwork when I get things set right. I mean 'hello, there's no way the Republic would trust a criminal with this kind of operation!' AmIRight? Anyway, it's nice to finally meet all of you."

Arri stands motionless and expressionless with his arms crossed. "I trust convicts as deep as I can pound them into the frozen surface of Hoth, and that place is surprisingly dense. For all I know you are simply coming along as bait for later."

As Macc approached the shop, the Twi'lek pulled him into the shop without a moment for Macc to respond to his greetings or questions...

Uhm... Yes, hello. I uh... I do have a list of items that I would like to purchase from you good sir. uh... Here you are.
  • Ion Carbine Rifle; 800 KotoR pg.70
  • Sonic Rifle 900 KotoR pg.69
  • Sonic Pistol Heav. 1250 KotoR pg.70
  • CryoBan Grenade x3 500 each KotoR pg. 69
  • Power Pack x12 25 each core pg. 135
  • Power Recharger 100 core pg. 135
  • comlink, long range 250 core pg 135
  • medpac x2 100 each core pg. 135
  • hip holster 25 core pg. 135
  • targeting scope 100 each core pg. 135
  • ration pack x5 5 each core pg. 135
  • MandalorianCombat. 6500 KotoR pg.201
  • TOTAL 11950
Also, since this shop probably wouldn't have the mando armor, can we assume that my character with his background would have had access to it prior to working for these guys. Subtracted the cost from my funds just the same as to be fair with "starting" credits as starting would be a buy-in to the game.
Macc hands the list to the Twi'lek.
I am under contract of the Republic Military and assume that any licensing fees would be waved. Here are my credentials.

As Macc waited for the Twi'lek to finish reading his list, his uneasiness with such a touchy-feely merchant subsided a bit. He still was not used to being on his own. The Redde Guild had always provided him with anything he needed or wanted since they were family.
As he waited Macc thought to himself:"I need to start watching my back more... these people are not my people, but they will pay good credits for my services."

Rovar looks over the list nodding with approval as he does.
Mhmmm, mhmm. Yes I have all you need, my friend! Rovar has the best shop around!

He then heads out picking up then placing the items on the counter. After several minutes of him running around he returns to Macc showing off what he has collected.

You see! You will find no finer equipment then right here.

He holds up the Ion Carbine Rifle.
You see this. Fresh from the factory! The only time it has been fired was when it was tested before shipping. You are getting a great deal!

OOC=It would make more sense if you got the armor from Mandalore. Also the comlink will be given to you shortly. So no need to buy it.

Macc looks over all his new gear and pays Rovar the credits owed.
I think I will pass on the comlink, I am certain that the military will provide me with any gear needed in the future. Thank'ee for your services sir.
Macc leaves the shop and heads back to the platform to await with his new squad mates.
gonna finish my sheet later. thanks for the refund!

Moments later after Macc returned from visiting the merchant a
theta-class shuttle lands on the pad. When the hatchway opens two more clones step out. The groups clone escort hand over the shock collar control to them and he gives words of warning.

Watch out for this one. Why they picked her for this mission I'll never know.

He then turns to the group.

This is your ride. Mount up and good luck.

Not a moment after everyone is secured in their seats the shuttle takes off again. It quickly brakes orbit and goes to hyperspace. The ride takes several hours and when they drop out of hyperspace a Republic fleet is there to greet them. The shuttle heads towards one of Venator-Class Star Destroyers. The pilot informs the group that it is called the

The Solidarity has seen better days. Repair crews are all over the ship. The ship has been hit heavy by turbolaser fire. The crews are busy patch holes in its hull. Soon the ship docks aboard and the group disembarks. The are escorted, by the clones that came with them, to a private briefing room.

They are greeted by a tall, powerfully-built Barabel with crimson scales covering most of his body. He has donned a functional set of black Jedi robes, and he is pacing before a hologram of a yellow planet hovering above a tactical display.

Excellent. Your here. I am Master Ezar Elasra. This is the captain of the Solidarity,
Captain Ralen and this is
Commander Husk he is Commander of the clone commandos for this fleet.

I apologize for the level of secrecy all of you had to endure. But, this mission is of vital importance. If word of your mission got out thousands of live would have been lost.

The planet you see before you is Tirahnn, a wold on the Perlemian Trade Route. Some months ago, the planet fell into Sparatis hands, and we could not spare the resources to oppose them. Since that time, the Separatists have used their control of the world to disrupt trade and supply lines, and the Jedi Council has tasked us with dislodging the Separatists and reopening the trade route.

This display shows the Separatist defense fleet around Tirahnn. As you can see, the planet is extremely well defended, and a direct attack against such a fleet would be costly.

Tirahnn's capital city possesses a planetary ion cannon that was used unsuccessfully in its defense when the Confederacy took control of the planet. We believe that a small strike force can slip past the blockade, seize control of the planetary ion cannon, and use the cannon to launch a surprise attack against the fleet in orbit. With a large amount of defense fleet disabled by the ion cannon, our fleet will jump into the system, engage the remaining defenders, and launch a full-scale ground assault to liberate the planet.

Getting you on the planet will be difficult, but possible. There is a Star Galleon-Class Frigate who's captain routinely trades with the planet. His business has been severely hit when the Seperatist took control but he still trades with them on a limited basis. He has agreed to take with him a MAAT, which you five and a squad of clone commandos will occupy. Once near the planet the MAAT will sneak down to the planet under minimum power to reduce any chance of detection.

Once on the planet you five and the commandos will part ways.


The commandos will infiltrate and sabotage the primary Separatist military base on Tirahnn. This will significantly reduce the number of droids the main landing force will face.

As stated your mission will be to take control of the ion cannon. This has problems of its own. Intelligence informs us that the ion cannon is under the command of one Commander Zolghast. Zolghast is a Zygerrian and he has put very tight security on the ion cannon. The ion cannon can not be fired with out firing codes. And you guessed it, only Zolghast has these codes. Without these codes the ion cannon will be very difficult if not impossible to slice.

So your first priority is to find and interrogate Zolghast. We have uploaded all the information we have on Zolghast to these datapads. The reason we are sending you and not clone commados is because a group like you will move more freely on the planet then a group of identical clones. There are Separatist merc groups all over the planet, so you should go undetected fairly easily.


Datapad information

Do we have any intel as to who may bring him his food? and will any of our slicers be able to find the signal?

His personal servant droid brings him his food and supplies. He receives them at irregular intervals. Like I said, he is very paranoid and very cautious. You will have to make a determination on how to proceed once you have boots on ground.

Though she had said otherwise, Tak's trust in this apparent criminal was only slightly lessened due to her knowledge of clone soldiers and given the time she had spent with them had learn their moralistic habits. And yet experience didn't exempt them from her judgement of what she believed right and wrong. Still she wasn't at the liberty to command these soldiers, nor would she ever be, given circumstances. She was better at making things happen that are asked of her.

The shuttle came along just as the guard gave them a warning about the girl criminal. Just as she would have done on other Republic missions, she secured her gear and moved into the shuttle taking a seat and enjoying the ride for the while it lasted, mainly playing with Narce's barrels or with the pockets of her bandolier. Uneventful.

Upon the Star Destroyer Solidarity, they were led to a room spread around and facing a Barabel who goes into the mission briefing. Standard info about the situation and planet and all that which is necessary for their task. The next to speak was a high ranked clone commander who went further into what they specifically were going down to the planet to do. They also received datapads on this Zolghast who sounded like a real bunker-rat.

Then came time for questions, something she liked to keep short and simple, if any at all. "Are we given permission to eliminate targets that infringe on our objective? Not saying I'm eager to shoot something... Just making sure when we get back that we won't have to deal with 'political' issues."

Once you hit ground it's weapons free. Just a couple of things to remember though. You may want to keep your weapons in check before you take the ion cannon. You don't want to draw unnecessary attention to yourselves. Also, watch out for civies. We are here to liberate these people, not turn them into slag. Save that for the droids.


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