Part I: Insertion


"Sounds alot like a glorified bank robbery without the escape plan....and with more boom per cred on the side."

The girl sighed, loudly - making a clear show of it before piping up. "Is paying our rate really so high that you don't even mention a way we just might have a chance of surviving after we fire that cannon?!"

If you do your job and not alert the Separatist before firing the cannon we will take the fleet completely by surprise; we jump the first time that cannon fires. It will take them a while to figure out what is happening. And by the time you fire that cannon my commandos will have taken out their base. It will be chaos.

The Commander then turns his attention to Master Elasra.

With all do respect, General, I still don't understand why you picked her. We should have taken that kid from Corellia. He could at least follow orders.

The Force has brought her to us, Commander. My feelings about her have not changed. She is more then she appears and she will do her job.

Master Elasra turns to speak to Seri, but it is clear that he is not just speaking to her, but everyone.

It is true, your mission is dangerous. Many factors can go wrong. But I have faith in you and this plan. The Force is with us. You will succeed. Find Zolghast and you will be able to that the ion cannon quickly. Once we jump into orbit we will be sending down troops to the capital, plus once the commandos sabotage the base they will be causing further havoc throughout the city. The Separatist attention will not be on you for long. They will have many more and important things to worry about.

"Will do, Commander,"Tak replied readily and with a swift nod of the head. The Separatist didn't care for civilians rights or lives, precisely the reason she supported the Republic in its endeavors, never giving her reason to despise them... Not yet at least. But it was reassuring to her the the clone use the words liberate. It was liberating, really.

The other female whose name she hadn't yet picked up yet spoke up and made a point of complaining about getting out. While slowly finding her less likable as the seconds went by, she did make a good point that Tak would have liked to hear the answer to. Not that shooting at droids forever didn't sound so bad, she knew they would eventually run dry of munitions and be overtaken. Of course the clone did well to put those fears to rest. To sum it up:o the job and the ride was insured.

The General spoke again this time giving them a, more-or-less, inspiring speech of confidence in the mission -- In them -- and furthered the Commander's assurance that they won't be overwhelmed. All of it was for those who were not ready for death. Tak, too, was not ready for death but when fighting for the sake of the Republic and for the freedom of all who live in it, her death was a small price to pay. Didn't mean she was going to throw herself in the line of fire without armor and a gun in her hands.

"Ready and willing, General." Her hand lifted to her head, saluting the General to affirm her resolve and ready acceptance to the mission.

If there are no further questions you can head back to the docking bay. You will then be taken to the frigate and deployed.

And I think you can remove the shock collar from Seri, Commander.

As the clone commander removes the collar the Jedi gives words of warning to Seri.

I hope you understand the gravity of this mission. If you were to go...missing not only would you be putting those live in this room at risk, but this ship, this fleet, and everyone on that planet. You complete the mission and you return a free being. And a hero.

The Commander removes the collar and tosses it on the table next to the data pads and comlinks.

Don't forget to take the comlinks and datapads. The comlinks are secure and the only way you can contact us.

"I get it. So long as it's the filthy rich kind of hero and not the dead kind." She said, rubbing her now free neck.

Caiden listened to the exchange with quiet concentration. When the commander had finished he stepped forward and took one of the comlinks and datapad. Setting the datapad on a nearby bulkhead he pulled a small portable computer from his case at his hip and ran a connector between the two, waited for a confirmation *beep*, then replaced the datapad in the stack and his computer in its case. "Everything sounds good to me, sir. I'm ready when everyone else is."

Arri listened intently as they received their mission details, or lack thereof. But he did not inquire further. From his experience the Republic normally did a pretty good job at gathering intel before a mission. And once on the ground that intel was only so helpful. He didn't enjoy the thought of getting stuck planet-side after having just shaken the bee's nest, but if they were down in the bunker they should be able to hold off the forces long enough.

He picks up a datapad and comlink from the table, stashing them in his gear. He'd have a bit of time heading to the surface to read a bit more.

With a bit of luck perhaps Seri would even take a grazing blow that might slow her mouth up a bit. If she continues at this pace I may have a migraine before we even meet any opposition. It that happens I may have to find another way to vent my frustration. Maybe it's just an issue with authority. And if that is the case and she can't work as a well tuned machine it'll be a short trip."

Giving a nod to the officers he turns towards the exit, heading for the docking bay. "See you again soon."

Eauipping his new comlink and stashing the data pad into his bag, Macc slings his gear over his left shoulder, looks each of the military personnel in the eyes and nods to the Jedi. Thank you for your time sir.. With that he turns fast on the heels of Arri

The General, Captain, and Commander bid the group farewell and good luck. They are then taken back to their shuttle and transported to
Star Galleon-Class Frigate. Once aboard the group clearly sees where they need to go. A
MAAT sits in the cargo hold surrounded by various clones preparing the ship and themselves. The MAAT is not like other MAATs. This one has been painted black, even the windshield appears to be painted black.

As the group approaches one of the clone commandos, whose armor is highlighted in red, greets the group.
Sirs. I'm RC-1138 Boss, that's RC-1140 Fixer, RC-1207 Sev, and RC-1262 Scorch. We'll be going planet side with you along with those four clone troopers and the clone pilot over there.

Now if you don't mind, load up. They're depressurizing the cargo hold so the MAAT can get out easier once we exit hyperspace.

We are on a tight schedule. This frigate should have been there already.

He turns to the clones outside the ship and barks an order at them.

MOUNT UP! We are all here. Tell the captain to punch it!

No sooner then everyone was aboard then the ship went to hyperspace. The ships was only in hyperspace for a minute then it was back to real space and above the planet. Once the ship was close enough to the planet the cargo hold opened and the MAAT exited.

The transport glides silently through space, appearing as a black speck to anyone that happens to be observing from one of the Separatist ships. There are long, tense moments that pass as the MAAT passes through the Confederacy blockade, but there is no turbolaser fine flashing after the ship. The ship begins to rattle as it plunges into the atmosphere, seeming to be nothing more than a meteorite burning up on entry.

Once clear of the blockade, the clone pilot begins firing up the dropship's systems to bring it in for a covert landing on the night side of the planet. However, before the pilot has a chance to set a suitable approach vector, the entire ship bucks as it is tossed around by errant wind currents. There is the sound of tearing metal, and alarm klaxons begin to sound throughout the interior of the ship.

The clone pilot starts to issue commands to save the ship and everyone aboard.
Some of the maneuvering repulsors burned out on entry! Someone get back there and try and
Mechanics check DC 19
restore some of them! And someone get on the
Computer check DC 19(if successful aids copilot's results +2)
sensors and try and get a better approach vector! And get someone up here to
Pilot check DC 14 (+2 if Computer check is a seccess)
help me level this thing out!

Only one action per player.

Arri grabs for the bulkhead to stabilize himself as the ship pitched. A second hand went for his abdomen, lucky for him his fur covers his skin color. Hearing the pilot come over the coms Arri forces his organs back down, unbuckles his seat, and pushes himself up. "If you guys can cover everything I'll go assist a mechanic. Otherwise let me know what's needed."


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