Part I: Insertion

Caiden's knuckles were white from gripping the handrail as the ship shook through reentry. At the pilots words, Caiden went straight for the computer console. "I'm on the sensors." Dropping into the seat in front of the screen he started
Use computer check:
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 11 (Total = 26)
tapping away at the
He gets an additional bonus equal to whatever the Int modifier of the ship is
control board. "Eugh, clumsy. You guys really need to up date your interface. Here, how does this look?"

Seri guided her way to the co-pilot's seat and flew herself into the chair. Gripping the controls, the smuggler set about recklessly stabilizing the ship with every trick in the book.

"What hit us?" She tried to ask the pilot over the loud roar of impending doom. Oh, right. The girl grabbed the co-pilot's headset off the wall and repeated the question.

The rumbling hunk of metal that surrounded them shook and whined at they fell towards the planet below. This was one of those situations many soldiers didn't want to be caught in. Tak included. Tak remained seated, one hand tightly gripping the straps that held her to the seat as she was tossed about by the ships buckling. She watched the others in her squad aid in the falling ship's status. Teams were made for this reason, because frankly Tak wasn't a specialist when it came to saving a breaking ship from crashing.

She reached down to where her gear was and picked up a helmet. Bringing it up, she angled her ears and slipped it on, securing it with a few good smacks to the top. And all she could say with a grin hidden behind armor was, " Good luck, guys. The worst thing that can happen is that we all crash and die! " which was followed by a laugh.

Attempting to repair repulsors

Im on the repuslors! No need Arri, I can handle this!, Macc shouted as he ran to the back of the shuttle
Dice Roll: 1d20+10z
d20 Results: 11 (Total = 21)
Mechanics: Repair (21)

We weren't attacked! The repulsors bunt out on entry when I tried to power up the system! Buckle in this is going to hurt!

The ship plunges toward the ground at a steep angle, and the pilot yells a battle cry as he pulls back on the yoke. The ship lurches upon impact with the ground, and threatens to rattle itself apart as it digs a deep furrow in the ground. After what seems like hours but is really less than a minute, the MAAT comes to a halt.

Long moments of silence follow, until Boss calls out to the cabin,
Everyone 100 percent?

Within moments, the clonetroopers and clone commandos all signal that they are fine, and bright moonlight streams into the ship's passenger hold as one of the side doors is forced open by a clonetrooper.

Alright! Start off loading the supplies. We need to hustle! We crashed not to far from the original landing sit, but we are a bit further then I like.

Scorch! Rig the ship to blow and give the det to the pilot. You guys are going to take cover over in the wilds over there until the invasion. If the seps find the ship, blow it.

Once fireworks show coming up, Boss.

Scorch then sets off rigging the ship.

As the troopers start their work the pilot approaches the group.

Thanks for your help up there. Without those repulsors and new approach vector we would have landed way off. And most likely ended up a real good form of dead.

He gives Seri a good slap on the back knocking her forward a bit.

And you can fly shotgun to me anytime!

Perception check please.

Caiden staggered out of the crashed ship, visibly grateful to be back on solid ground. First checking to make sure his gear was all still in place, he then
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 17 (Total = 22)
peered out at the surrounding landscape.

Just as a crash should have been, it was a rough landing. Thankfully, it was of the survivable variety and it didn't appear that she was dead, nor were any of the other passangers. The clones, the commandos, and their group climbed about of the now-useless ship and out onto the planet's landscape. Tak took a moment to look about, taking in the sights of the objective planet.

Arri worked his way back out of the ship, much easier than a few moments ago but these craft were rarely built with Wookies in mind. Stepping out of the transport he scans the sky, giving the stars a quick check and ensuring there were no other ships already headed their way.
Huh, guess that girl has some uses after all.
A few paces away from the ship he grabbed a fistful of dirt and vegetation, rubbing it across his chest and inhaling deeply while stretching out his long arms. Making an assessment of their landing pad's location
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and the current clearing he begins moving into more dense cover, working in his head where they were located and where they needed to get to.
We'd best take some shelter soon, just in case we were spotted."

"I'll keep the offer in mind if smuggling ever looses it's flare." Seri responded to the pilot as she unbuckled herself and took a gander at the world outside the viewport.

A giant beast standing over three meters tall approaches the crash site. The Roggwart is just as big as a Rancor and just as feirce. Giant horns grow from its head and curve backward. It has massive claws and teeth. And this one has not seen a good meal for sometime. The sound of the crash attracted its attention to a new possible meal and it is looking to feed.

The boulders that surround the crash site and the darkness of night has oppscured its approach from some of those at the site. Macc, Caiden, and Tak however, are able to make out is massive horns peaking out from the tops of the boulders. The others are unaware of the approaching threat.

Everyone post first round actions and Initiative Roll. If you are flatfooted, you may post Initiative now or next post.

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