Macc walked down the stairway from the platform and followed the short directions that the trooper gave. He soon found himself in a busy area full of shops of different types. They ranged from food vendors who sold food of every type to weapons and survival gear vendors.

It did not take Macc long to find the twi'lek described. He was leaning against the door way to his shop when he saw Macc. The large blue twi'lek perked up and smiled when he saw him approaching. His long years in sales let him know when a costumer was coming.

He greeted Macc with a friendly pat on the shoulder and a cheery smile.
How are you, my friend!? Please, please come on into my shop! I am Rovar and my shop is at your disposal!

You look like a man of the galaxy! Rovar knows these things! Going on some exciting adventure I bet! Strange new planets, wild creatures. You have come to the right place. I have everything you need!

What can I show you? Rations, survival equipment? I bet weapons, eh?! Hahahaaa! That's it! You look like a fighter if I've ever seen one!


Back on the shuttle platform...

The clone trooper moves in close to Seri. So close that his face and hers are just a mere hairs breath apart.
Now listen here. I don't know what you think of clones, but we aren't idiots. Especially me.

My orders are to keep that thing on you. So that's were it's staying. You so much as look in the wrong direction and I have a nice pair of brackets to match that necklace of yours. We clear?