Scene 2 Underneath the Rich

Scene 2 Underneath the Rich

The Heights were surrounded by a brick wall roughly twelve feet high and every twenty yards along the wall there was a Lion head sculptures. Jon treks you past the front gates where the group gets the stink eye from two guards but they say nothing since no attempt was made to enter the huge iron gate keeping people out. Once the group passes nearly a dozen heads and the boy stops and points at the lion head. "This is the one that opens up, I remember because it has the crack on its snout."
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well then, this one thinks we should try to open it by using a little bit of the blood we gathered. Laele said to the group.

Mommut watches the process but also takes mind to observe any observers. Like buffalo at a watering hole, some must stay alert for danger.

Mommut watches around, but the heavy shrubs seemed to be strategically placed around this particular part of the wall seems to give a lot of cover for any one entering that secret entrance. Pellaelin pours the blood in the mouth of the Lion. The Lion's eyes glow red and then the mouth moves and a ominous voice speaks "The Followers of the Unconquered Sun may enter." Then with a creak the wall raises up revealing a stairwell, the stone stairs are lined with torches that light up as the group looks down the way.
Jon looks to the group, "This is far as I go. Don't get yourselves all killed, those people are crazy!" As long the group as no further questions for Jon he turns and takes off waving goodbye.

Little one before you leave us this one would like to know how to get to the place where you could hear the chanting? otherwise these ones might go in the wrong direction entirely, this one thinks that would not be very efficient.
Laele says before the kid could leave

"They just seemed to follow the torches. I ran off into the dark when I escaped and just kept searching until I found a sewer drain to escape through."

This one thanks you little one, you should go back to your friends now. These ones will take it from here Laele says to the kid

Down into the stairs the group travels. The torches seem unnatural, omitting more light then they should. And as the group travels deeper, oddly enough the torches seem to be brighter. The group walks down a hallway trudging across waterways of the sewer system. After walking for about fifteen minutes, all of a sudden the mud, the waterways end and then the group walks onto a new and finely carved stone walkway. Then they begin to hear the chanting. It alternates from one voice talking undecipherable, followed by a crowd cheering together 'All hail the Unconquered Sun'. Then more single person talking then the chorus 'All Hail the Unconquered Sun'.
The group comes to a junction, where the torches split off in three directions. Left and right go up curving stairwells, ahead of the group their is four robed silhouettes standing in front of two open doors with a immense glow coming from the room. The figures seem to all be holding spears, though looking into the room and not back towards the way they are supposed to be guarding.

Mommut looks to the others, appearing nervous to so much as shift his weight, let alone allow his relatively clumsy self make the first move to sneak up to or around the guards.


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