Scene 2 Underneath the Rich

'This one does not believe that was planned that she does' Laele thought readying two of her daggers for when it wast most advantageous to strike keeping herself hidden.

Pellaelin cannot believe his luck in tripping over cleaning supplies. Angelica is teaching him stealthy movement when (if) they got of there. For now, he had to make a fast choice in possibly throwing these guys off the scent. It was a long shot, but that's all he had unless he wanted the others discovered. He looked around the room with a confused expression and put on his best low-class Nexus dialect, not hard given he lived with mercs all his life.
"Intruder? Me? I'm just here to do the cleaning. Baron told me to come here at 5, I thought you were all supposed to be gone by now."

Faking a Lower Nexus Servant with accent
Dice Roll: 4d10s7az
d10 Results: 1, 6, 9, 8 (Total Successes = 2)
Manipulation+ Linguistics (2)

The cultists look at each other a couple of them maybe even showing belief for Pellaelin's ruse. But a few that looked on did not seem convinced. One stepped forward brandishing a dagger. "You do not wear the robes of the blessed. You must come before Lord Baron to confirm your... employment. If what you say is true then all shall be forgotten."

Pellaelin feigns even more confusion and the jumpy edginess of a low-class person seeing a weapon, "Hey, watch what you're doing with that thing! Someone might get the wrong idea. And you expect someone to clean in those things? I'd be tripping over myself every time I turned around. Look, I was told be here at 5 and everyone was supposed to be gone by then. This is costing me money!"

Mommut stays put for the moment

How many are there? How close to Mommut? How many are left in the area? Does the action seem to catch everyone's attention or is it localized to this small area?
Reply: about 10 looking down the aisle, with more gathering around the edges. All still in the stairs. The attention seems focused on this side of the arena with a potential of 35-40 that could gather the longer this goes. They are probably about 15 meters away from Mommut and 12 meters away from Pellaelin.

The man who has taken lead chuckles, "I tell you what... Peasant. I will personally pay your wages after we meet up with Lord Baron. Until then though come forward with me." He steps towards Pellaelin and gestures forward with the hand not holding the dagger. "Come now, I won't harm you unless you resist." A couple other men move in behind him, hands on hilts at their sides.

"Look, I just want to get this over with so I can get to everything else I need to today. I got three other jobs that need to get done today. Here, Baron gave me this in case there was a problem, but you all were supposed to be gone by 5. Gods, I am not being paid enough to put up with this crap!"
Pellaelin pulls out one of the orichalcum seals from the cultists topside and shows it to them, hoping they would rather not have a scene on their hands.

Clever ruse with seal (+3 manip bonus)
Dice Roll: 5d10s7az
d10 Results: 5, 3, 10, 4, 2 (Total Successes = 2)
Manipulation + Bonus 3 (2)

The man examines the patch. Finally his demeanor begins to lighten a bit, "Alright peasant, get to work. I will let the Baron know you are here on my way out." The man turns and walks off.
Bought the group some time with the ruse. The cultists continue exiting. Laele hides in the pews, and Mommut behind the downed cleaning supplies and Pellaelin stands broom in hand as the last of the cultists exit that side of the arena.

Pellaelin waits for all of the cultists to leave the area before signalling an all-clear. "All right, they're gone. Let's start looking around."

Mommut exhales a great breath from his large frame, the last he thing he wanted was to alert the entire place to their presence; it could endanger the children's lives.

Once the coast is clear, Mommut emerges and goes to inspect the cages the children were kept in.

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