War on the Horizon: Forum Rules

War on the Horizon: Forum Rules

On absences and leaves, and disappearances

Ok, if everyone could please respond to THIS post as an acknowledgment, that you saw it, I would be greatly appreciative. This is also so I donít have an ďHey I didnít know thatÖĒ come my way later

I'm not trying to be mean, or disrespectful to anyone, but please as I said before, if youíre going to be absent, for more than a few days, please let me know either by post or pm. I really donít see any reason why that's not possible. A simple message, really only consisting of: 'Hey man, fyi, I'm gunna be gone for a few days! Please donít kick me out.' Sending me a message such as this really only takes more than a few SECONDS.

I'm sorry if I offended anyone, but I'm also going to lay down the law on this as well. If you do go absent for more than five days WITHOUTletting me know whatís going on, I will clear you off the board and post for a replacement. I feel thatís more than enough time to get me a message and let me know whatís going.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: If you let me know something in advance like.... 'Hey I have some real life issues I need to take care of, can I have a couple of weeks to sort through it. I Dont know when I'll be back, or I'll be back in two weeks.' I will be more than happy to hold your position and character until such time as your return. BecauseÖwell Ö.you let me know, and thatís all I ask for!

Iím really only asking for this out of respect to everyone. Simply put when I have to put things on hold or hit the pause button because I donít know what happened, the whole game loses momentum, and I feel itís just generally disrespectful to not let the dm know when you have left a game, or if you are leaving a game.

Iím sure anyone who has ever run a table top game, has had one of those players who showed up for a long timeÖ.then out of the blue stopped coming and never said why. Iíve had a few and I always found it disrespectful to other players. I hold this up as an example because I see it in the same light.

As I said I apologize if I offended anyone but I feel thatís a more than reasonable request.


I know I'm late to the game, but I understand, it worries me to leave my characters alone with you man, dunno what you'd do to them


The Players Corner:

The Players Corner is a fairly new concept that I have come up with and want to try out in this game. Each player will have his own thread that will viewable to only Me and the Player involved. This will allow safe conversations between the player and the dm’s without fear of the other players knowing or being involved.

As a rule; I will NOT divulge any information about the game or the story that would give the player an unfair advantage, so don’t even ask. However if the player wishes to keep notes, or role play private scenes that he does not want any other player to see, (involving the NPC’s obviously) this will be the place to make it happen.

This is also a good place to pose private questions to me, or post concerns that you may be having. This is basically a safe zone for you as a player to do pretty much anything you want without fear of repercussions from anyone else.

I will also use this as a message center to you as players to pass along information I feel is important to your character.

Basically this is your own little corner of the game where you control the content.


Read and acknowledged. There is always a mountain to climb, a sea voyage to take, a desert to hike through, or a coral reef to explore, so I'll let you know.

Duly noted and I use the private thread for each player in my game as well so I feel ya there.


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