The Inevitable OOC

My sheet should be 100% complete. Would you mind taking a look just in case I forgot/messed up anything?

As soon as you create threads for us, I will add the animal companion stats and spells memorized

Bit late here and I'm a bit zoned out but I've nearly finished it - would you mind having a look for me just to make sure it's on track?

@AtLast: I finally got my google document mostly finished, I need you to finish looking at that, make sure all the multipliers are right (it's missing a few), look at the item tab i made... and did you decide if I was getting those two bonus feats or not? Also, considering how little gold I have to spend on these prayers (again, see the document, it's itemized there), are you sure you want to keep the multipliers where they are?

Fencing tournament tomorrow so my presence will be reduced. Should be active early in the day and later. Will get to Gavin's many concerns then, as well as check Mr_Knox's sheet. Your's looks good, Shub.

Fencing, if only they had that sport around my way.... good luck

Hello everyone!

I'm nearly finished my character sheet. I hope I'm doing it right; I am quite new at all this. Even if I've made some mistakes, I'm sure Atlast will help me fix things up. I'm eager to learn and take cues from all you more experienced players as we move forward!

Hey all, I'm ready to go whenever.

Fencing, I've always wanted to try that. Nothing local for it though. =/ Closest I get is

Fencing is cool and all, but one of these days, I wanna get in the older stuff. Historic martial arts reconstruction, mostly less sports-oriented. Longsword, rapier, polearms, grappling, stuff like that. The ones that are somewhat sports oriented try to use rules from when people were actually killing one another with (non blunted) versions of the weapons in question. They have rules and such like, 'if you hit someone and, even if it would be a lethal hit with a real weapon, it doesn't count if you don't escape without getting hit back', because these folk were aware that, even if you manage a hit which will be lethal, the person might not immediately be incapacitated with it! The rules also allow grappling, disarming, etc. Lots of really cool stuff... here are some links to local places for learning this sort of thing:

One of these days, I'll get into it. One of these days...

In the meantime, school has been kinda crazy; I'll try and get my character sheet finished soon, maybe tonight or tomorrow!


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