The Inevitable OOC

I also am ready to go whenever. I'm looking forward to starting this up!

Afraid I have nothing to contribute about fencing, though. It seems like a graceful and technical pursuit, but I am a lazy couch potato and the most physical activity I will commit to involves trekking to and from my car... well, actually, in the summer I ride my bike, but that's besides the point, because... What were we talking about? Ah yes, fencing. I painted a fence once...

I believe I am now ready! The only thing that I would need to know would be the situation of the last few days, or what he expects to be doing this day, to know which prayers he has been preparing for the day!

yes, that would be handy to know. I believe he mentioned starting on the boat, but I wonder if we will have minor lead up to getting on the boat? It would help to know that for organizing the flow of story in my head, but I'm sure we'll find out soon enough.

Well, I'd need to know some about the boat travel, what sort of people are on the boat, the size of the boat, any troubles it might have, etc.

He has a lot of utility prayers that can help with shipboard travel... plus if the place is full of mercenaries, that might impact what he is doing and how he is doing it!

Sorry for the lack of posting folks. I'll start the IC thread tomorrow after finishing my reviews of your sheets.

As far as what you've been doing the last few days, the answer is "sailing towards Ostorea island". You're just about to make landfall during a very severe storm; the story will begin in medias res as it were.

@ALF: Could you look at my character sheet? There are still a few minor questions...

Everyone should also post a link to their character sheet, a copy of their application, as well as any other information which is appropriate in their thread in the Character Info section.

Mr_Knox you should post your readied/known maneuvers and stances in the Spell section of your sheet.

Just so everyone knows, part of the reason for delay is that I haven't heard anything from two of the players, Markel and KillerK.


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