The Inevitable OOC

Originally Posted by Game introductory post from the DM
This is a high-posting rate game; ideally you should be able to post once a day and story updates will occur at a minimum every two days. Inactivity kills games more assuredly than anything else if you do not sincerely believe you can devote time to this story please do not apply
I hope you will enforce your own rules (they signed for it, after all) and boot them. Four players are enough to start and you can recruit two more later if needed.

Hey. Sorry for my absence. I am returned and operating at full power. Let's do this thing (sheet tonight).

Cheers for that Atlas, completely forgot about fixing up my stances and maneauvers I'll get onto that once I've finished work.

Very keen to get underway; very excited about getting to grips with Morcar.

Finished, I hope. Now the wait.

need to make a few final purchases of magic items - im going out for coffee soon so might take me a few more hours but i will be ready to go tonight

Awesome game is underway! I think I have to fix up some purchases in my inventory but otherwise pretty sure Morcar is ready to go.

I'm waiting on a response from the DM for some stuff (I helped pixel with some things, I need to know if she successfully asked him or if they went through or not for how my character would act).


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