The Inevitable OOC

If it helps, I did a TL: DR in my crunch post. Does that help?

It does. A little bit.

I still feel we need to start posting actions broken by segment and only the actions you did until that moment (vs planned future actions) otherwise it gets incredibly confusing and it is easy to take more/less actions that you have.

Well, the thing is, the DM didn't say 'roll initiative'; people just assumed. And EVERYONE did a climb check, regardless if they could have gotten to --and up-- the cliff in one round! I was doing exactly what everyone else was doing, except I maybe followed the rules a bit better...?

Well.... no.

Yes, the DM did not say roll initiative. That was just in case. The DM DID say that the beach is 60' and the seawall is 10' high. A bear moves 40'/round, therefore it gets to the seawall and up in a double move. Rules followed to the letter.

He didn't say exactly 60', though. He said "Easily sixty feet of open beach", which means it COULD be more... its ambiguous, as if we were running forward in heavy rain under fire and don't have time to do anything but guesstimate distances or how long it would take. I was mostly thinking of the Plate Armor wearing Crusader, though!

come on man, do not hide under this feeble nitpicking.
I work with the guesstimates I have. It is the DM's job, not mine or yours, to say "the beach was actually 90', you underestimated it, so no climbing this round.
My post was 100% by the book and yours was a bit fuzzy and confused. It is ok. It is a learning curve for everyone. As we all get more organized we should all make an effort to be more clear and structured. I will help as much as I can. Deal?

What exactly was confusing about my post, though? I said what I did -- was there a particular part that was unclear? I took the ambiguity in the distance, and everyone making climb checks, and the fact that we might not actually be in round-by-round yet, had my actions over the next few rounds laid out for the DM to see. Is it the thing that affects you all? You all just have to worry about the Elation effect, and, for the Knight, maybe a Animalistic Power or an Alter Self. I am still waiting on the response from other players to say if their characters were okay with him buffing them.

In a wargame-derived RPG like D&D the only way to understand one's action in combat is having them broken by segment (std action, move action, swift action...).

What exactly was your action in the move action segment exactly 2 rounds before we beached?

Two rounds before the boat is beached? Having previously cast all of his buffs that last at least 4 minutes, including Deathwatch, Alter Self (for Mountain Spirit Folk), a Reach Spell Alter Self to Mountain Spirit Folk (if Knight consents), Animalistic Power (if Knight consents), Shillelagh, and Mirror Image, he's delaying / readying his action to cast Elation as soon as the boat hits the sand.

All right, you clearly missed the point of my post. Fine. Do as you will.

Switching topic, may I suggest taking a look at my character thread for tips on how to organize your character info and spell memorized? That really helps the DM understanding what is going on (from another game I played with Atlas I think he would appreciate that)

Switching topic again, weren't we supposed to start by now?

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