Garn Taberic

Name:Garn Taberic,The Brotherhood Of The Frozen Tower.
Race: Human
Class: Domain Wizard Domain:summon and stop
Alignment: Neutral Good

Garn was born on a simple livestock farm near Scurdaeg, if you could call this northern climate farming simple. Many fridged nights tending the animals in the barn. Being a small lad he was never very good at the physical side of farming. Never strong enough to even chop wood. His two older brothers teased him something awful. He had to think quick or their teasing would always go to far and he would get hurt. It was probally then when the need to do good by folk and to one day be able to stand up for the little guy. Garn didn`t know how but swore he would find a way. His father and mother where patient with him and encouraged him to read. Which is when they found out that Garn had the amazing ability to retain all information. By the age of 6 he could always beat his brothers in any stratagy game. Soon after his 10th birthday it was quite clear he had other talents as well. When strange things started to happen around Garn when he was nervous or scared. Then one day his father saw Garn create fire in his hands when his brothers where pushing him and he knew, realizing how special his son was he sent a letter to the tower.

Before he turned 11 he was initiated into the Brotherhood of the Frozen Tower and much to his brothers relief (because they mistrusted magic users). He studied hard their, learning to cast in any situation. Which was good because his course load was intense. He did very well at the tower moving up the ranks with ease. Mastering control and concentration for himself and his spells there was no trace of the shy farmer he once was. His specialty was conjuration, abjuration, and transmutation spells. Learning to protect and enhance any battle group and himself. When not practicing his magic he was then in the library. To him this was the most amazing thing ever, a large room filled with books of all kinds. The library was situated high on the tower and being able to see for miles around while reading about history and adventures. People always used to joke that this must be his bedroom because of the amount of time he spent there. Waiting for the day he could be part of history.

Its Garn`s 21st birthday and he`s setting out on his first adventure, even if he is green. When the call went out that the Iron Queen herself was in need of brave souls it was a no brainer, the time is now. Putting his wand in a safe place and donning his potion belt on he looked around his room to make sure he had everything. He grapped His heavy winter robes and his backpack which had been packed for years waiting for the day of his first quest. Always eager he made quick good byes and left the tower`s grounds for the first time in 10 years. Ready to answer the Queens call.