Sounds reasonable to me. One thing that stood out to me is the Animal Empathy advantage; it would allow normal interaction skills to be used on animals anyway. But the Animal Handling skill as you mention it seems better; not all animal trainers should need to be diplomatic, persuasive people persons, after all. Some at least probably prefer the company of animals.

Would you allow other little pets, as Featurs, or something? Like, a songbird that tended to follow the character around, or a hatchling riding-bird he kept in a saddlebag, or whatnot. Or anything else, really, since the description of Musians says they train other animals as well.

Sure, that sounds reasonable. Most of them (like the songbird) sound like they'd be just for flavor. I could see a hatching being a potential Relationship or Responsibility Complication. Musians are best-known for their bird mounts, but they (and the Takhari) are renowned for their animal training skills.

GM will you review mine too?

Righto! Will take a look at them tomorrow and touch base with you sometime tomorrow or Tuesday Keep an eye out!

I think Sunburn is done, unless you or someone else thinks of another question to ask him. I feel like there's a lot he could say, but I couldn't think of a good way to phrase anything else that wasn't leading him to a very specific answer.

Excellent! I will look over apps again tomorrow and I'll get the Mess Hall set up for folks I'm giving the go-ahead to.

Well, keep in mind scale, for stats. A rating of 5 in a stat would be akin to likely 25 in normal DnD, based on this scale. Given most 'Civilians' are apparently very low PL at best in normal MnM.

Spliced in a small bit on how Kronabis continues to climb despite the experience, by the way.


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