I liked how you played off my background. I will be editing my background to reflect you being quartermaster

Hrm, I'd like to think I've read all I can about the setting, but I want to be 100% sure. Is there any other info I'm missing? I might not have been green-lighted to play, but I want to make sure I have everything down solid.

The thing that's sort of catching me a little sideways is the broad brush of Magitech in the setting. Personally, I visualize magic-powered steamtech as seen in Final Fantasy 6 (3 for you Americans). Crystals that hold magical energies that power machines with the help of steam and some degree of electricity (tesla coils I imagine) to move pistons, light lights, pull cables, etc.

Anywho, is this detailed anyplace?

I don't have it written out in so many words, but your assessment is not too far off.

Djinnborn mine magically-charged minerals. Those minerals get used to power all sorts of devices -- mostly skyships.

The technology isn't as widespread or as advanced as in FF6. You won't see people riding big magitech suits and there aren't giant palace-fortresses like whatever the empire's capital city was called (it's been a long time). Kronabis' mechanical limbs are more the exception than the rule. I'm going for a Steampunk feel, except replace a lot of steam-power with magic-power. Most buildings still maintain the culture's traditional appearance, augmented with some magitech.

Anyway, like I said, not too far off. Magic charges can power machinery and can also be discharged in ways normal electricity can't (leading to things like fire-shooting rods and so on). Different materials produce different kinds of energy. I don't really have it all detailed out anywhere, though.

There is some non-magical technology out there. For example, the Aremites have developed excellent hydraulic systems and other water-related technology (like aqueducts and plumbing). The Ropoldi use a lot of wind-powered devices, especially in rural areas.

Beyond what's posted here on these forums, you can check out my blog (linked in my signature), but I havent touched on the details of technology yet. I've been more focused on the people and cultures of the world so far.

Does that help ease your concerns?

Yeah, covers most of it. I assume then with the world layed out as it is that they use windmills and thermic generators to take advantage of the high winds and incredible heat in the unlivable areas? That would easily power the airship docks if not whole cities. Gusts turning wind turbines, the heat used to heat water pipes, provide a clean, hot plumbing system, such and the like.

Edit: My only real concern was if I was going to portray technology properly, being a Magineer who's dove in head first to magitech. Case in point, her suitcase =D

Should be pointed out that Kronabis' prosthetic arm and wing started off as mundane replacements, then got worked with some basic clockwork/mechanical mechanisms, and eventually were upgraded over time into their current form, now with magitech integration, including a power source and link into his arm. The stub actually has a graft on it that links to his muscles, so him moving he arm actually activates things because it's linked into it, rather then through 'nerves' or something. It's cruder than that. Likewise, he had to train his 'nubs' basically to flex in different ways to activate other devices, or he has to manually activate them with his other arm.

That said, now that you mention magical power suits, I immediately wish I had a guy with one... good thing I love Kronabis so much, XD. If anyone has been playing Soulcalibur V, Aeon's fighting style in that was an inspiration for Kronabis, abet with only one axe and a metallic fist.

Originally Posted by OgreKnight View Post
Dammit i completely edited the page then the internet cut out as i was posting!
Did you get it all finished?

Oh my yes. I still want to submit a character sheet statistics. But for application purposes this one looks fine.

All right. I'll get to reviewing and have something for you by Monday at the latest! (I sometimes don't get on MW much on the weekends)

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