sorry couldn't get on MW for a day or 2

No worries Most of us couldn't.

I'm keeping an eye on the Mess Hall thread. Final choices will be made this coming weekend. I have a few preferences but some of you may yet wow me!

pushing for reply, since it is nearly Tuesday. I have not posted the Ropoldi, I have lost interest in that particular concept since there is another Ropoldi already on board, and would prefer not to post it.

Worry not, it's coming The trouble getting to the site spilled over into yesterday for me. I've read over your character, and have been thinking of a response. You can expect a reply today.

No worries, Nas

A reminder for those of you that may not have seen. This Friday at 11:59pm Central (GMT-6) is the deadline to finish your apps. I'll be making selections by the following Monday, so if there is anything you'd like to change, now is the time.

In reality, I probably won't close threads until Saturday morning since I'll probably be doing other things at midnight than watching Myth-Weavers So you will probably have some extra time.

Hmm... after reading the intro post of The Mess Hall, I'm tempted to try and turn Aeolysus's background into something along the lines of: During the Golden Wing's latest trip to Krekonia (possibly even his parents were the dealers for the most recent voyage) Aeolysus somehow ended up on board (probably gliding and not watching where he's going... or maybe he was sent along for the trip by his parents), people liked his spunk (crazyness), and he got invited to join the crew. (and then later, on this layover at The Mess Hall, he gets into the talent competition and makes a classic sound like an entirely new piece of music)

although I still have to think up a good instrument for steampunk, for some reason I keep thinking some crazy version of bagpipes, or possibly an organ (although thats not really good for moving around)

*Breathes life into the Mess Hall*

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