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Adopt a Name

Adopt a Name

My mind often draws up fantasy and/or fiction-based names that I'll never use, and I doubt I'm the only one. So post any names you think are cool to this thread, and I'll update this post to include them. Then, if anyone wants to adopt the name, PM me or post here to claim it! Characters whose names are listed in red have been "adopted" at least once by players for use in their games.

Benedict Cumberbatch
Calinumus Fridorn
Drowsy, the Drow illusionist Wizard
Erynne the Cleric
Falos Marfun
Glutino Nerph
Jasna Feruher
Kannin Shorbek
Karduk Spine-Sever
Killian 'Kill', the Bard
Krodak Greenaxe
Locki Danmas
Mark, the Fighter
Midel Raizer
Mary Ellen Jasper
Newt Anmast
Nardik Sorrow-Shield
Nureh Ranie
Percival "The Spork" Llewelyn
Raynesin Undertide
Retsam Whtram
Spanglethrift Upthrush
Sone Mohcro
Tardin Snow-Spear
Tevlen Rannos
Thurston Pricklemick
Tythin Suinve
Umin Dolvin
Xuido Melem
Ynnad Ecnarrot

Mark, the Fighter.
Drowsy, the Drow illusionist Wizard.
Killian 'Kill', the Bard.

I decided to add a rule matching the threads on from which I took this one's name. If you'd like to claim one of the names that's been posted here, all you have to do is post with the name(s) you are claiming (within reason, of course; no claiming them all), and I'll mark them in red to indicate their claimed status. For convenience, I'll do my best to keep the top post updated with all the names. Obviously, you can still use a name that's been claimed. This is just to let you know if a name is "out there," since I know that bugs some GMs and players.

yet more names?

Calinumus Fridorn
Xuido Melem
Erynne the Cleric
Newt Anmast
Locki Danmas


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