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Sir Valo Sheremetev

Male Duskblade (Beggar Knight)

Valo is a tall and robust man, well into his early thirties now. Despite the joy of his vows, grey has begun to set in his dark beard and hair. His armor, weapons and clothing; although not richly appointed are well kept and show no signs of wear. Even without finery, the knight presents a fine example to those who he has chosen to represent and defend, the common people.


Name; Crobert
Sex: Male
Class: Beguiler (awaiting approval)


Basic Info
Name: Nikoli Romanov




Class:Scout 5/Ranger 5

Animal Companion: Snow Leopard (Shadow)

Nik is a very friendly person, quick to laugh and always a smile on his face. That is not to say he does not have his quirks. It does sadden him when he reflects on the knowedge that he came from a once proud family that is now in ruins due to accusations against his father that caused them to be stripped of their lands and their honor.

BackgroundThough he would not remember it much since he was only four, events that happened then would forever change his life. It was at this point that Nikoli's father was accused of treason against the crown, This was during the rule of King Vladmir. He stripped them of all of their lands and titles and left them adrift in the world. Though they had not commited treason they just happened to side with the church and that was enough for the king. That knowledge left him conflicted as he grew up, he did not have much use for the church since he felt it was their fault that his family was dishonored. He did however believe in most of their teachings. He tried to treat everyone with respect, and he would go out of his way to help those in need.

With the loss of their lands his family escaped into the wilderness, with not much more than the clothes on their backs. It was a hard life, though since it was the life that Nikoli grew up to he barely remembered the life of ease that he knew as the son of a nobleman. His father seemed to adapt to the change much better than his mother did. She was use to a life that she had grown accustomed to and was very bitter about the change that left her stuck ecking out a living in the woods. His father put a much braver face upon it and raised his son to adapt as well and learn how to survive on his own and perhaps one day help redeem his family name.

At the age of twenty-three the confines of his home, left him constricted he had a need to range further afield and find out what fate had in store for him. He left his mother and father, both saddened by his need to leave but understanding that he needed to find himself and he never would stuck in one place. Before he left his father gave him their ancestral signet ring, telling him that perhaps it would help him in some way, that perhaps the church would even remember that his family stood with them during the last war.

He spent the next four years traveling to all four corners of the land, spending a short time working for the Grand Duke of Drevnedub as a scout for his war with the duchy of Ledoslavl. It was while he was scouting for them that he saw his ancestral home of Verhnovo for the first time since we was a young child and they were exiled. After he was working for them for a year he was sent on a scouting mission and was given orders from his superiors that he felt was morally repugnant, though he followed the orders he felt dirty afterwards and requested to be released from their service and once they released him, he moved on and took odd jobs as a tracker and guide. Doing only jobs that he felt compelled to do. It was during one of these jobs that he was gifted with a Snow Leopard cub in payment for his work since they had not other means to pay him. That was two years ago, now the cub, who he named Shadow was his closest companion who ranged the lands with him, always at his back to keep him safe.

...when staring into the abyss, the abyss also stares into you...

Name: Castiel
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 24
This is how he portrays himself
Deity: Svarog

Character Sheet

looks good so far. interesting to see where you will take him

CHARACTER TITLEName: Viona, of Hoarfrost Forest

Race: Human
Age: 19
Class: Warlock/Hellfire Warlock
Occupation: Fortune teller
Social Class: Vagabond



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