I want to be King!

Magnolia the Scientist

Magnolia rides in silence for some time, preferring to not venture forth any new information that might make Skapti ask the questions again about magic. The halfling was becoming quite obsessed with rooting out magic, apparently blaming magic for his bad dreams. While, technically, it was accurate, it just didn't seem all that fair.

However, Magnolia could only keep his mouth shut for so long. He finally asks, "Do we know where the Stag Lord is?"

Skapti had been picking his nose, "Huh? Skapti think Horny Man say maybe he in wood and then use strange word. Skapti thought you knows. Maybe we just rides around until we see man with horns that not you."

Magnolia the Scientist

Magnolia replies, "That was merely a scientific," he quickly inserts that word, knowing a good lie and a made up word is the only thing keeping him from a stick and a pile of flamable wood (as opposed to fireproof wood), "assessment, based on the fact that south east seemed more of a mite-like territory."

Skapti grunts approval, "Skapti like this science. It know things. Horny Man say science make sword! Must be good thing." Skapti hefts his sword, which suddenly feels very sciency. "Good! Skapti say we go to this forest where science lead..."

Magnolia the Scientist

Magnolia asks, "Maybe it's just me, but you seem more angry at magic lately." He almost used the word 'vehement', and then remembered who he was talking to. "You know, magic isn't all that bad, relatively speaking."

As they make their way to the forest where science lead, Skapti turns a newly suspicious eye on Horny Man, "What you mean isn't all bad? All know that magic steal soul. What worse than have no soul?"

Magnolia the Scientist

"No beer."

Sleep felt good, the nascent powers of science seem to have taken notice of you two and your quest for grandeur for some strange and inexplicable reason, such is the nature of science in this plane.

You grow suddenly more proficient at exploring and mapping too! you both agree that science is great.

This next day brings you into uncharted territory, more seemingly endless forest greets you as you groggily wake up, a few hours in you come up to a hollow under a large fallen pine tree, the branches of which have created a natural shelter. Bones litter the den...

...but it looks empty.

Magnolia the Scientist

"A big pile of bones? Weren't we here before? No, that was spiders. I don't think that was here." Magnolia looks around for whatever was eating. It was probably bigger than he was.

Dice Roll: 1d20+5z
d20 Results: 7 (Total = 12)
Perception (12) + scent + alertness


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