What is this? (Front Lobby)

This is the place to post your character concept and sheet for auditing. Put all the information for your character into the first post of a new thread, using your character's name as the thread title. It's okay if you aren't ready to have your sheet checked over at that time. Make a new post in the thread whenever you're finished editing the initial post, and a DM will be along within 72 hours (usually much less) to take a look at it and let you know if anything needs to be changed. If your thread doesn't get any kind of response after 72 hours, use Room 0 to notify the Head GM.

The Character Creation rules can be found here in the our wiki, and the House Rules are found here.

Characters ready to be audited should follow this format:
Link to character sheet
List of equipment with prices, each item on a separate line like so: Longsword - 15IG
Background information, in a spoiler