The Divested Hunt

Abruptly the feeding sounds issuing from the cave cease. For a moment, Camael's challenge hangs in silence, as if the thick air has snared it. Androcles posts at the cave mouth, leaning against the rock, poised to strike at the diablodon as it emerges. Camael finds a small column of crumbled stone

The beast bursts into view, massive jaws stretching wide enough to swallow up a whole squad of battle-brothers as it looses a roar that sends dust cascading down the rock face. The diablodon's blood red scales shimmer in the light, its bloody claws click-clacking. The beast gnashes its teeth, stomping its taloned feet in rage before taking off like a bolter round for the Blood Drinker.

The imperial fist quickly made eye contact with his battle-brothers, ready to coordinate his actions with them.

He then
free action to draw weapon, and half action to reload
knocked an arrow against his Aurumite Bow. FOR THE IMPERIUM!, yelled Artemis, as he
half action
unleashed the arrow, then
half action from the free standard attack?
knocked another arrow.

Intent on Camael, the diablodon doesn't see Artemis drawing a bead on him. The arrow buries itself up to the fletching's in the beast's flank, but the diablodon hardly breaks stride as it devours the distance towards Camael.

Artemis sighed, and thought It seems i will have to fight this creature as my brothers do, up close, as clearly these creatures are not effected by these primitive Aurumite bows. I wonder how the natives were able to take down a diablodon with one of these flimsy devices.

Brother Androcles

Androcles roared a wordless battlecry as he charge out at the creature's flank with his fang-tipped spear set in the crook of one arm and supported by the other. He ran straight at the diablodon, attempting to drive the weapon like a lance into the meat of its underbelly with his full weight driving it home. This way he'd use his legs more than his arms to force the primitive tool as deep as possible. He didn't throw it as that would be relieving himself of his weapon.

Androcles' spear thrust slides harmlessly off the diablodon's armored scales, and it continues its headlong charge towards Camael. Coiling its massive legs, the beast leaps the last few meters towards his target. Bloody claws glisten bronze in the sunlight as it swings its forelimb towards Camael. It's eagerness gets the better of it, though, and the claws only cut through the empty air above Camael's head and blast his nostrils with a with of the fetid, dried blood covering them.

Figuring now was as good a time as any, Eldgrim cut loose with his psychic power. "Back!" he shouted in warning before sending a gout of psychic fire into the giant creature.

"For the Blood Drinkers!"

Ducking under the diablodon's claw, Camael slashes with one gyr blade and then the other with all the power in his massive torso.

Artemis drew his bow and took careful aim, such that he will not his his brothers


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