Issue Three: I (heart) NY


"Would this be a good time to test the lock on the mens room?? It's the same make as the ladies you know."

Rad looks at all the blank stares ans says."I guess not?"

Originally Posted by HackNslash (Radical Warrior)
"Would this be a good time to test the lock on the men’s room?? It's the same make as the ladies you know."
Rad looks at all the blank stares and says "I guess not?"
EnergyStar, Pulsar, Nick Fury, Agent 13, and a group of SHEILD engineers all slowly rotate their heads in unison to stare at you. You get the feeling you may have just missed something while thinking about the lock…
”It’s fine”, Nick comments.

Originally Posted by Tila (EnergyStar)
Energystar had barely enough time to get acclimated to being in a larger space (the bathroom was pretty small), when she heard shouts from all around her. Realizing that Maelstrom was about to enter the portal she let out a faint "Wait…" before she watched him disappear into the portal.
"Whose bright idea was it to have him go into the portal alone? This team is small enough; it doesn't need to lose anymore valuable members. What happened to the view of the other side that we had? OH! For Pete's sake!" She raises her wrist to her mouth and gives a call to Cap at Fantastic Four headquarters. "Hey sweetie has Mal appeared on your monitors on the other side of the portal? We had a temporary loss of sanity over here and allowed him to enter the portal up here alone."
”Mal? Mal who? Maelstrom?!? What’s he doing in the Negative Zone?”
After a hurried explanation and a quick check, there is no trace of Maelstrom detected within the Negative Zone.

There is the residue of a recent small matter/antimatter explosion detected, however.

The mood becomes quite somber, both in FF HQ and in the SHEILD satellite.

Crystal informs you that for the duration of this crisis, the resources of the FF are at your disposal. These include:
Six Antimatter Harnesses each equipped with a Gyro-Homing device
(not equipped for space travel)
Pogo Plane
Inhibitor Helmet
(interferes with the use of natural abilities by aliens, altered humans, and mutants, -5CS to FASE, -7CS to Powers)
Stasis Ray (rifle-like weapon Reed Richards was developing, projects a ray of IN stunning ability causing target to remain immobile)
Universal Translator

Next Issue!

Wrap up time - please post in this thread once more so I know you have seen it, then read The Death Of Maelstrom and Avengers: Warlord Of Baluur #1.
Once everyone has posted here once more, I will have AEF #3 and the Maelstrom memorial mounted on an acid-free board, bagged in mylar, and moved to the Back Issues section.
I will post Karma awards for this issue in Avengers: Warlord of Baluur #1 along with the FF equipment list above.

Beorn's spirit is a little miffed that even in death he doesn't get to go home, but must rattle around on this world.

Energystar just stares at her Com-link when the FF are listing the items that are at their disposal.

She lost a teammate. He was only around for a little while but had risked his life several times to help others or to help the team accomplish their mission. She already missed him. We have to see if we can recover the body. We will need stuff. Oh wait the FF are giving us stuff.

She shakes her head and comes out of her deep thoughts.

"Thank you Crystal. We will take you up on your generous offer. We have to see what happened and if he is...gone."

She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. Trying to fight back the tears.

I need to lead. I have to stay strong and get us through this.

"We will rap up here and be back in NY soon."


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