Issue Three: I (heart) NY

Rad and EnergyStar leave the cockpit under the control of Auto Pilot and join Bova, Captain, and Jim in the cabin.
Beorn/Maelstrom joins them a moment later by “phasing” through the latrine door.
”Cool”, Bova and Cap let out in stunned unison.
”Ummm…what precisely is it that you don’t do anymore, and what is it exactly that you do now?”, Cap asks.
“Where’s my cookie tray?”, Bova asks herself aloud. ”And where’s the coffeemaker?...”

Outside the ship, Pulsar and MantaMan seem to have come to an understanding that they are on the same side. Blue Marvel adds to the conversation ”Awww…I’m not gonna get to hit anyone, am I ?”

Maelstrom blinks his blazing blue eyes a few moments in confusion and then the skin of molten glass slides away leaving the aproned and sad-looking Beorn standing there. He looks past the heroes at the front of the jet and asks quietly, "Out of danger?"

He slumps to a seat and replies to Energystar and Cap, "But surely you must have heard of my villanous rampage. The scourge of Bozeman? That's what the paper said. I destroyed like three donut shops and taxi stand. I've been running ever since. I...I didn't mean any harm. Everything was just so confusing in those days....Sometimes they still are. I never meant any harm to you. I promise. I never would have even come but you were all so nice I was worried you'd need me 'cause of what I can do. I only wanted to use the computers a little, I swear."

He passes his hand over his eyes in fatigue and slumps deeper in the chair. "Now I've done it. I guess you'll be arresting me then?"

"For destroying 3 donut shops and a taxi stand? If that were the case we would ALL be in jail. Look at what we did to UB. Besides, donuts are no good for you. And taxi's should have a stand, isn't the point to drive people around?"

She walks over to him, put her hand on his back, kneels down so she is at eye level and says, "Don't you think we ALL had that period in the beginning when we had to learn to control our power? Most people understand that. If you wouldn't have run, maybe you could have worked out a deal with the authorities there and payed the owners back. But in the meantime you could have honed your powers and been a great help to that community. I am sure the authorities there would have seen that potential."

Beorn just continues to sit slumped in his chair, looking pitiful although blessedly clean now from his little telport.

He makes a face and mutters, "I do! I help sometimes...I just try not to be noticed. Well, I'm helping now, right? That is something? All I wanted to do is go back where I came from but it's so hard. This place is nice and all but it's all wrong and my wife and kids...well, they've probably given up on me by now, but ... anyway. It doesn't matter.

I was going to help, really I was. I just ... didn't want anyone to know about...Bozeman. Now I don't have to lie anymore. I guess that's better. Call me Maelstrom, I guess, for a handle if you don't think it's stupid. It was the best I could come up with.

I really didn't mean any harm and this doesn't mean you have to fire me, right? I can still help with your communications and things? And maybe I can see what's going on when people disappear. It's why I came."

Radical Warrior

Rad turns to Beorn/Maelstrom "Trust me, if you keep hiding you'll end up having childish outbursts like i did yesterday. It will eat you up given enough time. Just let it out man. I'm suprised they didnt beat me to a pulp just to shut me up."

Rad thinks to himself..."I know star would have loved to at least"

Originally Posted by HackNslash
[I]I'm suprised they didnt beat me to a pulp just to shut me up."[/B]
"I was thinking about it...", Cap says to EnergyStar.

Beorn shrugs and says, "Well, sorry, heh? I'll do what I can to help. What was all that commotion anyway? Were we attacked?"

Radical Warrior

"I dunno, I just yanked the yoke and crossed my fingers and then boom. Maybe I hit the incoming being. After I stabalized the jet I came back out here and saw the mess. Whatever happened....Gamble is not going to like seeing this jet in this condition. Where's Pulsar and Marvel?"

Originally Posted by HackNslash
"Where's Pulsar and Marvel?"
Cap points a gloved red finger towards the gaping hole in the side of the QuinJet, where the blue and gold partially-transparent wall of shimmering energy created by Blue Marvel still sports a Buffalo Sabres logo.
"Out there", Cap replies.
You can see Marvel flying outside the ship, maintaining the wall of force. He smiles and waves.
You can't see Pulsar or the attacking creature from where you are standing right now.

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