Changes to Character Creation-General

Changes to Character Creation-General

The following are changes to the skill chart. Note: This mostly follows the way Black Crusade has done to clean things up, with some modifications.


Acrobatics/Contortionist--replaced with Acrobatics
Climb/Swim--replaced with Athletics
Awareness/search--replaced with Awareness
Charm/Performer--replaced with Charm
Barter/Charm/Evaluate (in regards to items worth, this is still a separate skill)--replaced with Commerce
Literacy/Speak Languages--replaced with Linguistics
Chem Use/Medicae--replaced with Medicae
Concealment/Silent Move/Shadowing-Stealth
Carouse--Replaced with a Toughness Roll

of special note: Parry is now a skill-All Grey Knights, Sisters of Battle, Arbiter and Assassin Career Paths start with this skill as Trained. Those career paths pay for it in 200xp increments starting at Rank 1 and available for purchase every rank until full proficiency is obtained (+20 to the skill)

All other career paths are considered untrained in it. To be trained will cost 300 xps and in 300 pts their after every other rank starting at Rank 1 until full proficiency is obtained (+20 to the skill)

Psychic Powers

Psychic Power use will use the rules in Deathwatch under the guidelines outlined on page 117 of Daemon Hunters and in Chapter 6, pg 180 of Deathwatch and its errata.
Grey Knights will have additional modifications to their talents explained in a separate area because of this change.

Dark Hersey psykers will use your powers as normal, with the following changes:

Every 5 points of increase in threshold worsens the difficulty of the Focus Power Test by one degree. Talents or other abilities that add a bonus to power rolls instead add to the Focus Power Test. Each +1 bonus to Power Rolls adds a +5 bonus to Focus Power Tests instead.

Dark Hersey psykers roll the dice as normal. Yes, this means you have a greater chance of perils of the warp than a Grey Knight but this accurately represents the difference in power.

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