Character Applications specific rules for Grey Knights

Character Applications specific rules for Grey Knights

Grey Knight character specific rules to build characters will be found here

Character Creation is as outlined on page 107 of Daemon Hunters with the addition of the Tech-marine, Apothecary, and Librarian from Death Watch. They begin play with standard Grey Knight weapons (this is a slight change, the Apothecary gets both his Stormbolter and Narthecium.)
In addition all PC's receive an additional 500xp to put them in line with the DH point totals

Psychic Powers

Psychic Powers are purchased in the manner of the Deathwatch rules. Please use the Deathwatch Cost for all psychic powers listed in Daemon Hunters

Starting Gear

All Grey Knight Gear are equipped with either Psybolt or Psyflame Ammunition as standard.
The only weapons available to Grey Knights are in their armory section of Daemon Hunters specifically for Grey Knights.
However, gear and equipment from Deathwatch that is not chapter specific are available for use based on the following chart.

Psychic Powers Selection

Starting Grey Knights can select up to 2 powers in total from the following lists of Psychic Powers

Grey Knights
Nemesis Hammerhand
The Shrouding

Short Range Telepathy


Psychic Powers Selection, Librarian

Starting Librarians slelect 3 powers in total from the offered list on Pg 81 in Deathwatch and from the following Grey Knight powers from Daemon Hunters

Grey Knight
Nemesis Hammerhand
The Shrouding

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