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All of that said, is Mord going to be pulling a Nightcrawler and BAMP-ing around all over the place? Typically no. In combat that's another story entirely. Mord is not the typical Grey Knight, however... which is sort of a necessity since as stated before, I'm not near as informed of the lore as... it seems everyone else is.

Don't worry Nobu I'm just as much (maybe more?) in the dark as you are. Learning on the fly!

they purged the citizens, not just the guardsmen. all of Armageddons citizens we made sterile and were moved off planet. then new pilgrims where brought in.

also the decision is not up to the GK''s who is or is not delt with in some manner. that is always the inquisitions call. if the Inquisitor you are serving is more lax, he is. if the inquisitor they are with says they all die, the GK have gunned them down.

All I know is... well... basic space marine lore (Emperor, Primarchs, Chaos Intervention, Crusade, Horus Betrayal, Golden Throne, We're All Hooped etc), the rest I just get from reading the chapter descriptions in the RPG manuals unfortunately. My wife knows a fair bit more and has been trying to teach me on occassion. I've just now really discovering the "Bolter Bitches" aka, Battle Sisters aren't really equals to Space Marines where I kinda thought they were.

nope, the black carapace alone.

GK's are the Malleus's secrect weapon vs chaos. if they feel that secret is compromised, they have been know to take drastic measures. The Knights for their part pretty much follow through. Is the Inquisitors job to know the impact of such things, its the GK's job to kill demons dead.

One of these days I'm going to get a GM who lets me reverse gene engineer a black carapace. It's one of the many reasons I always play a tech priest. And specifically a genetor if I happen to be playing RT.

well now its available as mars takes samples. now for it to be used on a non space marine, it wouldnt work. you need all of the gene splicing with it to make it work. its one of the last items a space marine gets. if that fails on the genetic level, the chapter wold be finished. now to get it to work on a techpriest, its the same reason.

the emperor made it that way based off his eariler designs. so thats kinda it but the tech is a known and tested for thing

I tend to disallow certain research, as a GM, regardless of how high the character's skills are. If the Fabricator-General of Mars can't break something down with all of the resources at his disposal, no player character should be allowed to, either.


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