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Still should have been shooting that shuttle up as soon as she said she had her grandchildren on board.

I mean come on we're on a chaos ship nothing here is clean and pure.

The very fact that she's so cheerful marks her as a follower of nurgle. No true Imperial citizen is that happy.

She's under orders from the Inquisitor to not shoot her unless absolutely necessary since he wants to interrogate her. And since his player isn't around, it's hard for me to just up and shoot her and go against the player's wishes. Now if Blakk posts an 'ok nod' or something from the Inquisitor then sure.

I saw no reason to waste resources on the shuttle when one of our people was standing right there with a giant melta weapon pointed at it...

I still think that you guys are being way too passive in light of the likely demonic incursion. I mean one of the Grey Knights just got mind judoed by the old woman. It should be obvious that she's a fairly powerful psyker, who is hostile. And there are standard procedures for that. Even if you don't kill her directly she should at least be rendered unconscious or a non threat through some kind of nullifier. Every moment that a psyker is conscious is another moment in which they can summon daemons, open warp rifts, or just mess with people's heads.

Hey now, I've got a bolter leveled at the stormtroopers ensuring they don't do anything... I even had Mord post calling for SOMEONE to torch the shuttle...

If that was a pure GK operation, sure. But we're trying not to step on anybody's toes both IC and OOC.

Toes are meant to be stepped on.

That's why we're all wearing ceramite power boots.

Edit: For the record Terrellios has failsafe controls installed. So if the Inquisitor objects to the burning of the shuttle there is a way to stop him.

Constantine did indicate for Sarena to melt the witch, but Grey Knights and inquisition agents defer to Inquisitors. I read up on it and they will follow an Inquisitor even more so than regular Astartes it seems.

Anyone will follow Inquisitors more than regular Astartes. It takes a real ballsy Inquisitor to give the Emperor's Angels an order instead of requesting their aid. Most of them would probably be insulted by it. Some of them might actually turn hostile. The Space Wolves in particular hate them.

Technically the Inquisitor's have authority over everyone, but in practice the Astartes and Mechanicus are out of their jurisdiction.

I meant that grey knights unlike other astartes respect inquisitors. It says they will defer to them even if the knight outranks them. According to the wiki.

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