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Who ever said the Fabricator general tried. I mean honestly I haven't actually read much about mars doing anything past the Horus Heresy other than produce baneblades.

Plus I would expect Mars to be a staunch defender of Mechanicus dogma. Which is both fairly against the idea of biological components even being worth anything in the first place, and in researching new things. That's how the dark age of technology went wrong after all.

As a tech priest couldn't you just... build a mecha-body that would do mechanically (haha see what I did thar?) the same thing as the black carapace?

They have the war titans.

Mechanically the only bonus that the black carapace gives is that it lets a space marine wear their power armor without gaining the hulking trait. And actually there is a set of mechanicus power armor which interfaces with our potentia coils, and both never needs recharging and also doesn't give us hulking.

So technically I don't need a black carapace. It's all the organs that give you unnatural toughness and unnatural strength I'd really be after. And again tech priests can engineer ourselves to get that eventually. it just takes awhile.

Edit: Also we have Knights.

Oh, one thing that just came to mind in relation to the Personal Teleporters used by Grey Knight Strike Marines... the personal teleporters, by mechanics, say that by wearing one you double your movement rate as you briefly move and teleport short distances without a roll of anykind, it just sort of happens as second-thought kinda thing. Mechanically in that regard they function like Jump Packs from Assault Marines. Which I thought was a bit weird but hey, who am I to argue with a ton more movement rate.

And eventually I can even give myself hoverer (6) which is fairly close to a jump pack. But that's so bloody high on the rank chart that I'm never going to see it in a real game.

So I mean yeah a full rank 16 magos would be the equivalent of any space marine. It just takes so much experience to get that high it's never going to happen.

I can just spend a fate point (or a Test of Faith) and you can have Unnatural Toughness x2 or x3 for a whole encounter. lol

Or unnatural strength x2/3 or unnatural agility x2/x3

i never said he would be able to do it, i just stated its a known thing. the mechanicus and terra monitor such things. but it only works on space marines for a reason and why they are rare. if it were easy, there never would have been an imperial army

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