Occ thread

Hickz didn't fare so well with the chop choppy

Herald of Nurgle beats stormtroopers. Who knew?

HERESY! *blam*

I believe Thudson (thehappywanderer) is the last stormtrooper, whose turn it now is.

I think Vox is enjoying this slaughter. Ha

Hey, I'm only the messenger.

hi all.

So I had some craziness during my vacation that kept me offline. While making an emergency visit to El Salvador (my wife is from there btw) I was caught up in a couple of earthquakes. Lost the net during that time and barely made it back to fly to my job, where I am at now. I am sorry for not being here If some of you are upset or disappointed, I understand. Believe me, it was not my intention. I hope to hear from you all and to pick up from where I left off, if possible.


Wow, multiple earthquakes? I live in LA, and even we only have to deal with one at a time.

Glad you're alright.

it was one, they a few days later another. just freaky.. but I am back. Let me get caught up and I will be ready to continue murdering all of you.

Woohoo for the murder make!

just got back to my base today. I will be making a post tomorrow and get things back on track. a lot of things went on in Kabul today that put me behind.

Post tomorrow and thanks for your patience


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