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I prefer the Faith power that turns the battle sister's chainsword into a souped-up power sword of daemon wrecking. Got some good mileage out of that one.

I saw that one yah, but I wanted to go ranged with this sororitas, as all my recent characters have been melee. But hey, this gal is going to be firing two sanctified holy storm bolters at once into anything heretical or demony that comes into our path. Just as good I say!

She also does have a holy sword that grants here a fear aura against anything with 30 corruption or more. I guess I should ask, do any of us have 30 corruption or more?

Yeah, I noticed that you character was carting around pretty much all of the relics available for a Sororitas. I say, more power to her. She'll need it to keep up with three Grey Knights.

Grey Knights don't have any Corruption at all. Starting Corruption for a throne agent is modified by Willpower, right? So the others should be pretty low.

Exactly, she's got a lot of ground to make up but thankfully I won't have to be in melee with this girl, for some reason I'm always playing the acrobatic melee fighter. Dan and I decided to swap for this game.

Woops I forgot to roll my corruption and insanity. Fortunately my willpower is decent, so I probably won't have 30 corruption.

Edit: Well almost minimum rolls for my corruption so I'm fine. But on closer examination did any of the throne agents roll their insanity and corruption. It doesn't look like it.

I didnt roll yet, since Im still building my character, but with a willpower that will be in the 50's and Soul of Stone, Im pretty sure I can't have a corruption of 30.

Soul of Stone won't affect it. You gain the corruption and insanity before you actually spend experience and gain any talents.

And it just occurred to me that that includes spending experience on willpower advances, so I didn't have as much willpower as I thought.

Edit: In fact directly before you roll for the insanity and corruption you'll have just chosen your homeworld and career, and it specifically says that no experience can be spent on backgrounds or advancements yet. So yeah you get the willpower that you get from your rolls and homeworld and that's it.

Which makes sense really. It's trying to simulate a lifetime of fighting chaos. It would be expected to have racked up some trauma in that time, and if you get the advantage of taking all your experience points first you really wouldn't be in much danger.

Still there isn't much chance of rolling 30 corruption. It's only d5, and even without advancements most people have at least 20 or 30 willpower. Enough to reduce it to 6d5 or less.

Heh, I was somewhat joking actually. All my tech priests and cyborg characters speak in Dark Gray. Unless someone has already claimed it.

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