The Mallard Inn - OOC

The Mallard Inn - OOC

Come on in and have a sup of your favourite tipple, while chewing the fat over a warming bowl of lamb stew ;-)

Welcome everybody to our game. Really looking forward to gaming with you as I don't believe I have had the pleasure of adventuring with most of you before. Come on in and have a look around. I'm not going to rush to get the game going and I have a few tasks for you all to kick off with:

1) Post your character in the Saviours of Harkenwold thread including background et al.
2) Send me your dnd4e file if you have it - either attach it to your post in 1) or email to ell ell ell gee dee eee aaa rrr at - the bit before the @ is an 8 letter word as pronounced.
3) Use this thread to explore ways of linking your backgrounds - most of you are from the Harken Valley and there is a good chance you may have come across each other
4) Also use this thread to figure out how the six of you joined together on the road from Hammerfast
5) Familiarise yourself with the Statblock and Posting guidelines here - I am a bit of a stickler for this sort of thing but it does make dming much easier
6) We will be using Google Drawing for Maps and Google Docs for the combat sheet - so you will need a Google ID and please let me know if you have not used these things before so I can bring you up to speed
7) I think this is the last one ... the fun part - A Magic Item wish list - post it with your sheet in Saviours of Harkenwold - one item each of lvl 5, 6 and 7 please

Here are some ways that Dougan might have gotten to know/like the rest of the party:
-One of you bought him a drink.
-One of you broke up a bar fight he was in.
-One of you participated in a bar fight with him. On either side.
-You arranged for passage to Harkenwold together. (He really wants to get back to the city)
-You aided him in saving a perceived victim from a perceived bully.
-You asked about his name without insulting him.

Let me know of any of those ideas spark something more specific.

Hello everyone,

looking forward to gaming with you.
I'll divide my post for easier reading, please excuse perceived brevity.

Questions regarding 7)
Does that include the magic items of level 2, 3 and 4 that you mentioned and that I included in the game ad? If so, are we free to reconsider our choices seeing how new levels are available?

Note regarding 6)
A Google ID is no problem but I haven't used Google Docs before. Doesn't seem too hard though.

Note regarding 5)
I'll take Dark Red as a color for Munir if that's okay with everyone.

Ideas on 3)
I've looked at all your characters and have individual ideas on how you might have ended up with Munir:

Dougan Throckmarr

Valdred the Green

Rivenalis Cambryn

Aliss of Harken, Aliss of the Green Flame


Hey everyone! Does anyone mind if I go with basic black for speech and thoughts? I'd prefer not to mess with color unless it's necessary, but if it is, I'll go with dark green.

Valdred the Green
Bounty Hunter of Marl

Hey everyone! Your resident paladin, who is mostly defender with a touch of both leader and striker. Instead of looking to redeem someone, he's more likely to smite the wicked and let someone smarter than he is figure out right from wrong. I put his hit points in there along with his healing surge value (for you leader types), along with conditions. With a spreadsheet, it will make it easier to keep track so that may not be much of an issue and I may remove it.

I posted in the "saviors" thread, although have yet to update magic items. I'll attach the DDI file before I sign out tonight. As for how someone might know him, he's well-traveled in Harkenwold with the old druid woman, so he could have been just about anywhere. Some quick thoughts:
  • Dougan - Probably helped clean up after a fight, meaning he pummeled an idiot a little too hard and Riven stopped him from dying. The guy deserved it though so he bore the half-orc no anger. He appreciates his "beat them down" attitude.
  • Valdred - I'm not sure about this one. Could have been just a chance meeting on the road where a rapid wolverine was menacing a farm and he put the thing down at a distance while Riven tried to flush it out. I chance alliance for a particular job...
  • Munir -Yeah, what you wrote above works fine.

That's the extent my brain can function this evening... As for a color, let me try blue.

Rivenalis Cambryn
Human Paladin of Bahamut

Current HP: 33/33 (12)

Got Riven's magic item list up. I thought it might be good to go through what skills we have to see if there are any holes:

Riven: Diplomacy +7, Endurance +4, Insight +9, Intimidate +9, Religion +5

Glad to see we have a half-elf because his diplomacy could use some help. Hopefully someone else is better in that skill.

Sounds good to me.

Aliss' brother might have poached a deer or two from the Baron's forests. Mostly just for fun, and then given the meat to a needy widow or the like. So the siblings might have come across Valdred then, but the pair prevailed upon him that it was just a youthful indiscretion, for a good cause, etc.

Aliss has solid Diplomacy +12, Bluff +10, and Insight +8, and has Arcana trained at +6. Might reshuffle feats to pick up a warlock multiclass to grab another skill.

Perhaps I'll go with Teal for speech? I would have chosen Dark Green, but Azh stole it, and teal seems close but distinct. Perils of having two characters identified with the color green.


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