The Mallard Inn - OOC

I am back from my holidays and will move the game on as soon as I get a chance ... if anyone wants to do anything else in Albridge then please be quick about it as I intend to jump things on a fair chunk ...

I'm only a shadow of my former presence here on MW, so it's probably best for me to withdraw from the game.

OK Azh - sorry to see you go but thanks for playing.

To the rest of you - are you OK carrying on with the part as is or do you want a replacement?

I'm ok either way. I think we can survive without a controller, but there is certainly no shortage of players looking to join a 4e game so I'd have no problem bringing in a replacement.

I'd feel more comfortable with a controller. It's all well and good until we come up against a huge mob of folks and get overwhelmed.

I'm still here and all good, enjoying the game.
And I second the motion for a controller - at least in the long run. There should be some high quality applications within a week or so, I believe. No shortage of players, like Mike said.

Azhmo, sorry to see you go. Was always fun playing with you!
And Mike, happy to see we're in another game together!

Updated ... Each of you please choose a starting position in hiding - see terrain for clues. I need a DC16 Stealth check from you all and an Initiative roll. If at least 3 of you pass your Stealth Check then you will have a surprise round ...

Yeah, a controller is always nice. Dougan can pick up slack in the bursts-n-blasts multiattacker department but he's not gonna be debuffing much of anyone.

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