The Mallard Inn - OOC

Locked box? Looks like a job for a mischievous halfling!

I'm tempted to just have Dougan turn his head over his shoulder and yell "HEEEEEEEEEEY WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIK"

I'm going to leave you to RP until you're ready to move on ...

If you want any hints on what you might do next, take a look at this post and here is the Map of the Wold - you are about half way between Dardun and Harken

And, please feel free to apply the benefits of a short rest ...

Since I'm going to be gone for the next three weeks, and especially now that we have another party member, how about I just write that Wik is going to run off on her own for a bit, maybe checking on a nearby area in which her clan might be hiding (somewhere in the Briar Hills for example)? If you feel that you need her to make an appearance, I have no problem with the DM or any of the players posting on my behalf.

Sort of but we can still role-play a little if desired. There's not been much of a reaction to Gretta's outburst yet.

I will move the game on some time soon ... but please shout if you want to do anything particular on the way to Tor's Hold and even more importantly which way you plan to travel ...

Good question! I suggest we head back to Harken and keep going through to Marl and finally to Tor's Hold. That is probably the most direct route. Plus the King's Road is bound to be patrolled with goons...which might not be a bad thing to do.

Riven was all for the barroom fight to send a message to the Iron Circle, but he was in the minority. We can skip that entirely and head for the dwarf town since that's what most of us want to do. I actually think it will be more fun than a barroom fight anyway.

Need to check which way you all want to go ... Shadeus suggestion via Harken and Marl is one possibility - although Harken is the heart of the Iron Circle occupation so you would be aware of that. The other main route would be to double back through Dardun and Albridge ...

Maybe you could have the discussion in the IC thread ...

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