The Mallard Inn - OOC

Will provide the DDI file and the spreadsheet data today.

Edit: See Shadeus' problem below. I added a .txt to the usual file extension.

I think Riven is all done. I attached his DDI file to his character thread (but had to rename it a .txt file or it wouldn't attach).

- in your cb file you haven't equipped most of your equipment
- I make your RBA +7 to hit not +4
- Rune of Mending should be "target can spend a healing surge and regain additional 1d6 hp"
- Rune of Endless Fires should say "all hp and temp hp granted by my powers ..." not just temp hp - affects rune of mending too
- Notes: Rune of Protection - Adjacent allies gain resist 2 all

I've also added your stats into the combat sheet - included a status effect to cover your rune state - as this will help the others in game

Excellent catch. That is why I usually copy powers from the compendium. Fixed.

Thanks, BornAgain! I'll correct what's to correct and let you know.

Interesting mix in this party.

Paladin - melee defender
Monk - melee striker
Runepriest - melee leader
Sentinel druid - melee leader (a bit unusual with animal companion in the mix)
Hunter - ranged controller (with a bit of striker)
Sorcerer - ranged striker (usually with a bit of controller)

It means we will have a bunch of folks able to take attacks to give our ranged people time. My paladin doesn't have a lot of mass he can mark up to 2 monsters a round, but not much more. Two melee leaders too! I am looking forward to that!

Mike the Mountain is coming in with his Halfling Rogue not his Sentinel Druid so not a melee leader but a melee striker

Hmm, okay. I made my paladin to be more striker-ish. With three strikers already, and a kind-of striker in the hunter, we should have very solid damage output. Let's hope we kill stuff quick!

Monks are practically half melee controller anyhow. Dougan'll be at his best when surrounded by a bunch of enemies so he can punch all of them in the face at once! The single-target strikers can then focus on actually killing individual enemies.


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