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Hey guys-

I was in NYC for a friend's wedding, and with the hurricane blowing through things were a bit dicey. I'm fine, though, and have managed to escape Sandy's wrath and head vaguely homewards. Normal posting should resume tomorrow.
Glad you're okay. New York seems a bit of a mess this week. Boston was mostly okay - the transformer down the block blew with an impressive THOOM sound and series of blue flashes, but it just did a few points of lightning and fire damage, and then the last explosion was polite enough to put the fires from the earlier one out.

It looks like the attacks on Riven that were in there were a copy/paste error? It looks like we have some more..."admirers" coming from the outside but I don't see any in the inside. It looks like Riven and Wik have it's the rest of the group to react to the creeping up that right?

Yes to everything Shadues - I've strikedthrough the attacks that were copy and paste from last post. And it is for Munir, Aliss, Gretta and Dougan to take a turn ...

Nope - still same encounter - probably should unwind one of your healing surges and treat the other as your second wind

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