The Mallard Inn - OOC

Riven will use his second wind (standard) and a use of his Lay on Hands (minor) power, both of which he can do in a turn, to get back to full hp. He may need them for this encounter. Character sheet updated.

So Gretta has gone to the stables, Dougan is escaping to the hills, Riven is standing ground in the bar, and Munir is chasing the guy who spotted us. This should be interesting!

Dougan hasn't gone anywhere! He just figured they should let the townsfolk spread the word and then send the Iron Circle mooks chasing off the wrong direction.

My assumption was that the Iron Circlers would come back with a force that's too much for us, and the point was to bloody their noses, then bail. Guerilla tactics and rallying the people, etc. I figured that if we leave and let the townsfolk go "oh mr brigand sir the crazy Righteous Brand guerillas were just here beating up your men, please hunt them down they went that way!" it'd buy us some time.

Dougan got it right, I think.
Munir is just a little more inclined to stop the bastard from reaching anyone although that's probably pointless. Especially if you are an armoured dwarf.

Gretta's idea about the horses is a good one too. We might even be able to lead the Iron Circle away from the bar and still escape, giving Noonie a bit more time to clean up the place and hopefully avoid reprisal.

Of course, we're assuming we have ANY time to do anything. The next wave of goons could have been right around the corner and already at the bar entrance! I imagine once Aliss posts we'll find out...

Gretta hasn't taken off anywhere else. She is standing in front of the Inn talking to Aliss. She is ready to go look for horses, but

A. she doesn't have enough movement to get there this turn
B. I'm trying to give the DM (and other players) the chance to chime in and tell me if anyone saw horses there.

Realistically, we would normally still be fighting these guys when these cutthroats arrived. The fight was only one round! That's a major beat down for it to last only one round (on both sides as BAG almost took out Riven, thankyouverymuch).

I expected them to be a second wave. We also don't know that they are going for reinforcements. They might way to rough us up find out what happened first. Of course, as soon as we cut one down and someone calls out, "Call for help!" we are pretty much hosed.

Riven is not going to willingly back down from a fight unless it is somehow for the Greater Good TM. If the rest of the group is telling him, "It's time to go" he'll probably listen. He's pissed off there was a beat down and he didn't even get to help!

Heh, I should have read Mike's response first. That was a good response.

I was trying to think how Riven would respond to that situation. He actually is less concerned that they are putting people in danger than the fact the"bad guys" are getting away.

I think I was the only hold out to not get the he'll outta there.

Aliss can get behind the bar with 6 move. Is that a window or some other sort of thing? He might not be long-gone, if she can overcome her earlier poor attacks.

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