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I hadn't noticed before, but BornAgainGamer has updated the combat map with the goon that spotted us (K4).

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Initiative Blocks

Munir, Dougan, Gretta and Aliss are up ...

1) Wik, Riven,
2) Cutthroats
3) Munir, Dougan, Gretta and Aliss

Round 2 Summary

Riven Two healing surges to move to full hp
Wik Peers through the window
Cuthroat Peers through the window
I think we need to assume we are still in initiative order (discussion posts notwithstanding, talking is usually a free action to a point), so Munir, Dougan, Gretta, and Aliss should probably go ahead and post whatever specific actions you'd like to take and we'll see what happens at the start of Round 3. For what it's worth, I don't see any way that any of us can reach the Iron Circle goon, other than Gretta if she
-5 to attacks, grants Combat Advantage
runs (bad idea!). Intro, I think that's just a shelf behind the bar; the only windows are in the West wall, and have no line of sight to the enemy.

Gretta already did her "combat round" post. She used standard action power to post a diplomacy roll using arcana. She also moved (outside next to where Aliss was standing). This was before it was suggested that the group leave via the back door. Anyway, she can take off to the SE and meet up with the rest of the folks at the back door.

Correction .. that power (suggestion) is a free action. Cool.

I guess that means that Gretta has a standard action still available.

For the sake of getting things moving again (unless there are any objections), let's just say we all spent our turns arguing about whether to flee or stay and defend the tavern, since that seems to be where we are stuck anyway. Cutthroats are up!

Just letting everyone know I'm here and alive, just not really having any input at the moment.
Am a little swamped from Monday to Wednesday for the time being but have plenty of time every other day.

OK - I plan to move things on pretty soon - I am planning to move things on significantly from Harken via Albridge out to Tor's Hold in one post unless you folks have any objections.

I will post in about 24 hours time to such an effect unless you let me know otherwise ... if you want to keep on rping this out then please just say so and I'll refrain from the above ...

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