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Aliss is pretty much pure damage. She hits one or two people for a lot of fire damage, or an area burst for a bit less (and the creation of a damaging zone, in case anyone wants to make use of it with forced movement).

With all the melee, I'm thinking of swapping feats to drop the +2 AC from Unarmored Agility to just pick up even more fire damage. Thoughts?

Encounters should be quick, at any rate.

Hello everyone! Sorry for the delay; I'm back in town now and looking forward to the game.

Character post is up in the Saviours of Harkenwold thread.

I am indeed playing Wik, the Halfling Rogue. Melee striker, classic half-pint dagger stabby machine. She'll speak with an Indigo accent.

@RavenQueen, love the back story for Munir and Wik. It suits her character perfectly, and helps tie in my first thought about how she would have joined this group. Wik travelled around in disguise, usually stowing away in a larger caravan, pretending to be a child beggar or part of a family, and stealing whatever she needed for food and supplies. I was thinking maybe she got caught stealing from one of the other PCs (Riven and his nice armour maybe looked like a tempting target?), but when he was going to punish Wik Munir spoke up for her, they talked about where they were heading, realized they shared the same goals, etc...

What do you think?

EDIT: I added Wik's info to the combat tracker (though it still shows her status as "Dead!").

@BornAgainGamer: Could you confirm the levels for our "Wish List" items? In the OCC thread you ask for "5, 6, and 7" but in the "Welcome Bold Adventurers" post you ask for "3, 4, 5, and 6".

That could work. Riven would definitely appear to be a tempting target, and he would likely not try to cut off the hand of a child...although would try to teach her a lesson. Somehow Munir would get them talking and the rest is history.

And Crucival, Centered-Breathe monks are more controllers...stone fists are just thugs that beat the hell outta everything.

True, Shadeus, though they beat the hell outta everything within a certain radius. Monks are always more effective fighting 2 or 3 enemies than they are at single-target stuff.

That's very true. I see, you meant controller in that Dougan is effectively a walking "burst 1" effect as opposed to "I'm going to slide you, slow you, date your mother, and daze you" (status effects).

That is definitely true. I wish there was a way Riven could easily multi-mark and keep foes from kicking in his teeth...but his defenses are pretty good so maybe it's not a concern.

Welcome to the game Wik and Mike :-)

I hope to get this game on the road in the next 48 hours ... Need to read through your potential linked backgrounds to make sure I get it all and the last couple or three character audits - final pleas for any dnd4e files that you may be able to send me.

@Azhmodai - sheet audit
- I get 18 AC - don;t think you added +1 enhancement
- I get +9 Initiative - you have +13 - +4 Dex +1 1/2 lvl +8 Misc - +4 misc from Improved Initiative - where does the other +4 come from?

Originally Posted by BornAgainGamer View Post
@Azhmodai - sheet audit
- I get 18 AC - don;t think you added +1 enhancement
- I get +9 Initiative - you have +13 - +4 Dex +1 1/2 lvl +8 Misc - +4 misc from Improved Initiative - where does the other +4 come from?
I fixed the AC--I did forget the enhancement bonus there. The extra +4 to Initiative comes from Aspect of the Pouncing Lynx, which is his default stance in between encounters.

Awesome. I'm incredibly tired, so I'll make the necessary corrections first thing in the morning (CET). But everything looks great! Looking forward to this game.

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