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"I TRIED to tell you it was trapped!" Wik says with a grin and an exaggerated eye-roll. The Halfling has climbed a nearby tree and swings upside-down by her legs from a thick branch, restless and bored as usual.
I was implying that, as a not-entirely-trained pyromancer whose power outstrips her control at the moment (despite Munir's tutelage), she may have accidentally set more alight than she had intended. Not a trap. But I'll work it in somehow.

And congrats on the crit, Mike! Let's hope it's a good omen for things to come.

Awesome intro BornAgainGamer; everyone else too! This is going to be a fun group!

Originally Posted by BornAgainGamer View Post
Will Wik wend her way into wealthy wagons?
(Minor correction: Wik's a girl.)

Stealth checks passed - update done - up to Valdred and Dougan what they want to do next ... the rest of you can post as well :-)

BornAgainGamer: Do you want us to roll initiative or do you take care of that?

@BornAgainGamer: Can I assume that Wik (and presumably the rest of the group) heard Valdred's signal or saw Dougan, and reacts appropriately? Or are we far enough away that you would you like us to take a turn to roll Perception (or use Passives) before running up to join them?

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