Posting & Statblock Formats

Posting & Statblock Formats

This is how I would like all "In Character" posts to be formatted - this is to make my life as DM as easy as possible ... just click "Quote" on the post below to see the vbulletin coding.

Key Features

1. Each post identfies who you are - header block with small image and name
2. Roleplay information in 3rd person present tense in main body of post
3. Each player will choose a colour - bold represents speech, italic represents private thoughts
4. No [ooc] tags in main body of post - ooc either in ooc thread or in crunch spoiler
5. All crunch in a spoiler block
6. Use [dice] tags not [roll] tags please - I would like the minimum of mouse-over actions to allow me to quickly process your turns.
7. Statblock within the crunch post - we will be using MW sheets to keep hps, aps, power use etc. up to date.

If you have applied to the game with your character sheet you can use the command [statblock=show][/statblock] to automatically display your statblock. So if you update hp, the use of surges, use of aps, temp mods to skills, tick you enc and dly powers when used and other things these will help you and I keep up to date.


Katya Kardale

Soothed by Kalina's healing touch, Katya wastes no time. After a brief nod of thanks to the half-elf, she stows her weapons in their dark leather sheaths and leaps up the weather-worn ladder to the guard platform, anxious to check if any other creatures are intent on attacking the village. Once on the platform she sits cross-legged as her two companions complete their business, peering out to the forest beyond, checking for any untoward happenings. Was Kalina right? Was this attack more than just coincidence? Katya, had heard of similar attacks all across Nyadet, although she had never witnessed one herself. She thought back to the battle. She was beginning to warm to these other females. A feeling she had not experienced in a long long time. But, she still wondered how long it would be before they let her down.

Combat Posts

Also, once in combat, I will need you to show your three (or more) actions in the Crunch Spoiler in the order of use, for example:

Move: Walk to D9
Minor: Hunter's Quarry on Demogorgon at E9
Std: Twin Strike on Demogorgon at E9 with puny Knife
Free: Spend an AP to get another Move Action
Move: Run, very fast, very far away ...

And please prepare any Immediate Actions so that they can be applied quickly without lots of posts having to be unpicked.

Frequency of posting

The more frequent the better. I find that energy levels of players and DM must be mutually reinforced to keep the game's momentum - i.e. if I post frequently so will you and if you post frequently so will I.

I will use grouped initiatives to speed up combat.

Statblock Format

This is how I would like your statblocks to be formatted. The format doesn't have to be exactly the same but please make sure the following key things are included:

1) Colour coding of the power names and include action type in name - e.g. Std, Min, Move, IR, II, Free
2) Include your actual attack and damage modifiers in the power descriptions - i.e. +6 (Str +4 Prof +2) vs AC not just Str vs AC; damage 1d6 +5 (Str +4 Enh +1)
3) Melee Basic and Ranged Basic to take up the first two power slots - this will help speed things up if other characters give you a turn on their go or I need to give you an MBA for any reason
3) Notes section to include all feat, class, item and racial features that are important in game. Basically, any factors that do not belong in a power description.

For examples, check out the statblock below.

Ulgar 'bas Torrn, Half Orc Warden
Init +2 HP 29/29 Bloodied 14 Healing Surge 7 (0 used /10)
AC 16 Fort 15 Reflex 12 Will 14 Speed 6
Str 18 (+4) Con 12 (+1) Dex 14 (+2) Int 10 (+0) Wis 16 (+3) Cha 8 (-1)
Melee Basic Std
+6 (Str 4 Prof 2) vs AC
1d12+4 (Str) dmg
Melee Basic Std,
Ranged Basic Std
+4 (Dex 2 Prof 2) vs AC
1d6+2 (Dex) dmg
Ranged Basic Std,
Warden's Fury II
An enemy marked by you makes an attack that does not include you
+6 vs Fort 1d12+4 dmg and target grants you and your allies comb adv until EONT
Warden's Fury II,
Warden's Grasp IR
An enemy marked by you that is within 5 sq makes an attack that does not include you
slide the target 1 sq target is slowed and cannot shift until end of its turn
Warden's Grasp IR,
Resilience of Life Std
+6 (Str 4 Prof 2) vs AC
1d12+4 (Str) dmg
and ally adj to you gains 3 temp hp
Resilience of Life Std,
Weight of Earth Std
+6 (Str 4 Prof 2) vs AC
1d12+4 (Str) dmg
and target is slowed until EONT
Weight of Earth Std,
Furious Assault Free
You hit an enemy - add 1[W] or 1d8
Furious Assault Free,
Warden's Sacrifice Std
+6 (Str 4 Prof 2) vs AC
2d12+4 (Str) dmg
Until EONT when any enemy hits you an ally within 3 sq gains 8 temp hp
Warden's Sacrifice Std,
Form of the Swamp Hunter Attack Std
+6 (Str 4 Prof 2) vs AC
2d12+4 (Str) dmg
and target is grabbed
If target is dazed, immobilized, slowed or stunned attack deals 1d12 extra damage
Miss: 1/2 dmg
Form of the Swamp Hunter Attack Std,
Form of the Swamp Hunter Std
Until end of enc
Gain swamp walk, swim 6, +2 attk vs immobilised creatures
When you reduce any enemy marked by you to 0 points you mark one enemy within 5 sq until end of enc
Once during enc use attack power of this form
Form of the Swamp Hunter Std
Notes +2 to speed when charging (Race)
+5 temp hp when 1st bloodied in an enc (Race)
Roll saving throw at start of turn (Class)
When use 2nd wind ally within 5 sq can spend a healing surge and make a saving throw (Class)
Mark each adj enemy until EONT (Class)
Shift when enemy who gives you comb adv shifts (Feat)

This is taken straight from the MW sheet statblock - click on the character name and it will take you to the sheet so you can see how the formatting is done. Enjoy :-)

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