Broadsword Station

Broadsword Station

Broadsword Station sits in Geo-stationary orbit above Titan, the moon of Saturn and home of the Grey Knights.
It is both a home of the Ordo Malleus conclave and the dockyards of the Grey Knights Chapter.

It is also where you have been summoned to council chambers to meet with the Inquisitor Lords over matters daemonic.

Of all places in the Imperium, save for Holy Terra itself, this is the strongest point of defense in the Emperor's realm.

All of you, Throne Agents and Grey Knights alike have been summoned to the council chambers. It is a dark and foreboding place filled with potent hexagramic wards, holy incense that are a bane to demons, chanting churb-servitors and other wards.

There is a table, human sized, with chairs for each of the Agents. They are reinforced to hold your weight. This table is on the the center left of the room facing the looming chairs in which the Lord Inquisitors will be sitting and able to look down on you. Those seats are shrouded in darkness, unable to be penetrated by optics.

To the right of the table is the symbol of the Grey Knight Chapter engraved in the floor. This is where the Space Marines will stand as tradition and protocol state, as they are the strong right arm of the Emperor and the Ordo Malleus.

Standing by the table, is the newly minted Inquisitor Ben Frayhert, palming his Rossete, lost in thought. The scent of sacred prometheum is noticable as you get closer, as are the numerous scars that decorate his face and hands. It is very rare for a common guardsman rise so high, and even rarer for one who has never been a commisar or a commander of men. A trooper, but evidently not common given his rise.

Short grey hair can be seen from under his hat, but his face is calm, resolute.

Constantine enters the room clad in his power armour. He nods in the direction of the man before moving off to the right side of the table. He takes a standing position and waits for the rest of the attendees to arrive.

For anyone who knows of Constantine his powerful psychic nature stands out even among a chapter composed of psykers.

A second Grey Knight enters only steps behind the other, his armoured footfalls heralding his arrival. His silver plate is covered, as they all are, in wards and prayers, but the abundance of purity seals marks him to those who know such things as a Purifier, one of the sentinel guards of the chapter. Their charge is to be jailors for bound daemons and Chaos relics captured by their brothers, and their chief gift is immunity to the whispers of those trammeled beasts. From his waist hangs a golden chain to which are affixed a number of carven images of the Emperor or the aquila, no two made by the same hand.

Brother Severinas, is a young space marine, clearly no older than a century. His expression exudes patience and a calm wisdom; it is not difficult to see that his appointment as a Purifier was a deserved one. He moves across the room to stand beside his brother, sparing no more than a glance at the shadowed alcoves above them, to ascertain that there is no threat there. He murmurs his greeting, scarcely loud enough to reach the other man.

"Emperor keep you, Librarian."

The heavy footfalls of a marine echo throughout the chamber, the sound seemingly coming from within the room itself yet no sight could be seen of their source. Several more steps echo throughout the chamber before a mountain of a man, even amongst his brothers, literally seems to step from the warp in mid-stride near the center of the room. Seemingly appearing from the fabric of reality the man's power armored form was tall and noble, helmet clipped to his belt exposing his long black hair, short-trimmed goatie and beard and a calm demeneor. Adorning his shoulders was a massive cloak made of incredibly thick almost wolf-like hide, draped heavy the front over his shoulders. At his hip a sword rested, and on his left arm a storm bolter was fastened in the typical style of a Strike-class marine. He was regal in his manner, striding with the purpose of the God Emperor's chosen children.

"Brothers... Inquisitor..." he said in a voice collected and deep, rumbling almost in his throat.

Enveloped entirely by the rust red robes of a tech priest of Mars there is little to mark Terrellois out from his brothers occupied elsewhere as follows the Grey Knights into the chamber. His mechadendrites are standard issue, and by all appearances he is simply an enginseer like any other. But this is belied by the sound of his footsteps which are as heavy as a fully armored secutor.

Making his way inside Terrelois comes to stop beside the Inquisitor where he bows his head slightly. Remaining silent he turns and observes both the chamber his deep hood obscuring all his features save for two unblinking red lights in place of his eyes.

Why did the Collegia Exterminatus send him, off all Council as Arland took an injection of Onslaught standing outside the corridor to the councils chambers. The rush he felt bringing his tired mind an enhanced awareness and perception that he couldn't find searching over countless amounts of data-slates and entombed parchments. There was a reason that he took the consumables like he did. The more information that he came across, the more it disturbed him as his frail mind tried to keep pace with the others. Arland did not know why the Grey Knights trusted him with information that would send most Acolytes or for that matter Throne Agents to the Excruciator. Feeling the intoxicating effects of slaught course through his body, Arland Titus pulls up his cowl to hide his face and steps into chambers, taking residency with his other brethren. Adorning his Malleus Power Armor and Great Hammer, his Boltgun worn on the side and his backpack full of various equipment, Arland nods to the others and takes down his cowl to show his white hair and blue eyes. His skin was whitish-yellow from years avoid of any sunlight. His health was well kept as having a firm body, not overly masculine but strong enough to hold his own. Setting down his great hammer and backpack next to each other, Arland keeps silent and only talks when spoken too. The Grey Knights and other Throne Agents sometimes confided in him with information he may have to combat daemons usually forbidden lore only known by this Sage, Arland was a Daemonym Seeker and his job was to thwart the daemon usually with it's own name. This information only he knew and kept it to himself not wanting to corrupt any of his brethren with the infernal daemonic language.

With agents of the throne and the Emperor-made marines present, it was no surprise that a woman often thought the bridge between the two such organisations entered the chamber as preparations were coming to a close. A much gentler sound of heavy yet still spiked-heeled boots walk the hallowed halls as a young woman enters dressed in the most holy of armor.

Her appearance could only be described as Angellic, a sight so inspiring to the people of the Imperium and it's infinite Guardsmen that on the field of battle it could inspire the weariest of troops, and off of it could send them to their knees in praise. A woman of the Adeptas Sororitas, no a pure angellic creature descended from the Emperor's realm to bless all of his faithful, walked into the room with such confidence and with such a smile that it could soothe and put at ease even the most hostile thug or brigand. Here took a warrior woman who at once was both the Emperor's weapon, and his comforting soul.

A more realistic look upon her told the more experienced and decidedly not-common attendies in the room, that the young woman was a Seraphim, her black and red powered armor adorned with a large flame-and-light radiating jump pack that surrounded her in a halo of light, no doubt lending the vision of an angel descended from up on high. From her back also seemed to extend a great pair of metal wings, plates shaped as if feathers layered over one another and articulated to move, flap and fold with each step or by MIU no doubt. A fine golden and white cloak of velvet lined with fur adorns her shoulders, hanging to the floor and slightly beyond. A gleaming bleastplate was layered over her chest, two large skulls adorned in gold and set upon a plate of silver shaped to fit her form, appeared attached by golden chains draped from her shoulders and around her chest. Sigils and parchments adorned her, wards and blessings against all manner of the Emperor's foes from Psykers, Xenos, Heresy and the Daemon.

Placed down a sheath between her jump pack and armor sat a massive two handed blade, adorned with symbols of the Sororitas, blessings and callings to the Emperor to banish the warp at it's touch. It was radiant in it's silver, adorned with gold and platinium, a symbol of her high station and no doubt a weapon of great power. For weapons it must be said the Sororitas are, if nothing, predictable. Obviously attached upon each wrist or hand of her armor were a nozzle that was undoubtably for dispensing the purifying flames of her order. At each thigh was held a pistol of some kind, it's craftmanship and adornments against the Warp suggesting it's source of the Sororitas order. Finally, two storm bolters emblazened with the same sigils and blessing parchments as her other weapons hang across her back by carefully prepared straps. Appearing unique in their form, the storm bolters looked a bit shorter or perhaps had their grips changed in someway, as if the angel might wield both deadly bolt-firers at once.

Entering the room she turned her head to gaze at all those in attendance, her smile bright and eyes alight with joy. Upon seeing the marines in attendance her piked heeled armor immediately takes her to the threshold of the symbol on the ground, where she immediately takes a knee and bows her head to the marines present.

"My lords! Blessed are you, angels of angels! I am honored to be before you, it has been years since I have stood in the radiance of the Emperor's sons, please, I beg of you, accept my presence and look not upon me with pity, for I serve Him in all that I do!" she says, almost pleadingly, on her knee.

Brother Severinas glances at his brother librarian before addressing the battle sister. His expression is one of tolerance, even understanding. He raises both arms to solemnly make the sign of the aquila.

"Rise and stand beside us, sister. Only when the last drop of our blood is shed in His service may the Emperor estimate our worth to Him."

In the alcove above, you hear the sounds of blast doors opening and lights turn on above.

You see three figures. One is of a huge figure in Terminator armor, an Astartes. He strides forward with heavy footfalls like an avatar of war. Besides him are two other figures both human and in red and gold power armor with the Inquisition "][" symbol prominently displayed.

The two human sit in ornate chairs and the Space Marine stands, his immense bulk not allowing him to sit in any of the available chairs.

One of the Inquisitors is female by her armor shape, her hair is cut similar to a Sororitas.

"I am Lord Inquisitor Ivixia Dannica and this is Lord Inquisitor Covenant. Also in attendance is Grand Master Vorth Mordrak of the Grey Knights. You all of have been summoned for a specific reason. Covenant?"

Lord Inquisitor Covenant stands, his grey hair in a ponytail and his face showing centuries of service

Just beyond the Halo Stars in the Segmentum Obscurus, a lightly unexplored area of space has come under the notice of Terra for expansion. It is called the Koronus Expanse. There are tales of monsters and xenos. As the colonization begins in earnest, the forces of the Great Enemy will seek to feed on Imperial citizens. This area does not know the firm hand of the Inquisition. You are charged with changing that. Inquisitor Frayhert you are to take your team to the expanse and make inroads with the Imperial authorities there. As ever, our charter is to deny the Great Enemy anything. To this end you are being assigned a large amount of assets. You will have to rely on your training to make due and thrive. There is no conclave there. If you will Grand Master?"

Grand Master Mordrak is one of the greatest heroes the Grey Knights possess. His voice is booming, something you cannot tell if its vox related or his natural timber.

"To this end, I have assigned three of my knights to accompany your Agents as well as assigning for use the Strike Cruiser Unrelenting Light. It is fully crewed and staffed. It is ready to receive the team. Now is the time for questions before you are to depart."


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