Broadsword Station

Sire, who are the imperial authorities in the sector, and have they been notified that we are arriving?" Frayhert asks in a deep voice,"Has there been any word from the Augurium?"

Severinas bows his head as Mordrak enters, lifting it only to receive his orders.

"I have no questions, Grand Master."

The Seraphim beams up at the marine who addresses her briefly before the meeting begins, she stands and steps away from the Marines as to not intrude, however she stands between the seating table and the marine's station proper. While this might have been because the metallic wings of her Seraphim pack or her collection of equipment might make chairs unavailable, or if she was in a way following the marine's recomendations, is unknown to any but her. She takes a knee as the Lords begin speaking, her eyes downcast to the floor as she listens.

"I only ask who shall command our forces present there." says the sororitas in the voice of an angel.

As ever before a mission a multitude of thoughts and questions crosses Terrelios's mind. Questions of enemy force estimates, politics, terrain, in this case the layout of local clusters rather than actual ground terrain. But his mind churns for only a few brief seconds before it quiets. These are questions best answered for himself in the Librarium, rather than wasting the time of the Inquisitor Lords. Instead he waited for the answers to the questions already given.

The mountain of a marine folded his arms, nodding slowly. "It will be good to be aboard the 'Light again. No questions, my lords."

Lord Inquisitor Dannica fields your questions

"It is the Inquisitor's choice to announce himself before hand to the Imperial Governor of any Imperial held world. Assessing their fitness for duty is one of the many tasks you will accomplish.

I would suggest coming into contact with Lord Admiral Crytis. She is the mistress of Battle Fleet Koronus. She will have the most current insight into the political situation in the area.

This is a joint venture between the arms of the Malleus. In the social and investigative situation, the Inquisitor is in charge. When the battle is joined and the daemonic is faced, I am sure the Inquisitor will bow down the the Grey Knights greater authority, knowledge and firepower."

With the slightest smirk barely inching onto his face, the arms-folded, fur-cloak draped marine nods at the Inquisitor as she states the Inquisitor's default of command. "That's good to hear, my lords."

"Then I pledge myself wholely and completely to this task, the Emperor shall guide us, he shall spare not his light in our pursuit of this most holy duty. I have no other questions, I am ready and prepared to serve, and to give me life." she says with her eyes still cast to the floor, the shining brilliant halo behind her still radiant with the Emperor's light even amongst the darkness of the room. The conviction and sense of purpose in the tone of the woman's words were incredible, there was no doubt of the zealotous fury of which she spoke.

Constantine responds in a low voice to his battle brother "And you." He watches in silence as the woman bows them and converses with his battle brother. He chooses to remain silent and watches the three powerful figures enter. Like his battle brothers he has no questions and only inclines his head in agreeance with their words.

"Grey Knights.." Grand Master Mordrak's voice rings out "This will be an extended field assignment, unlike what we normally strive for. You will be interacting with Imperial authorities in an extended manner. Out of devotion or fear they may inquire of your chapter. You may only answer that you are an Astartes or that you are, in fact, a Space Marine and loyal son of the Emperor. Our chapter remains secrect to a select few for a reason. Slay the Daemon, by His strong right arm and you shall never fail me or our order."

Lord Inquisitor Dannica nods her head at the Grand Masters words and says "If there are no further questions, Inquisitor have your agents report to the Librarium for selective memory removal. The location of which you are now at will be removed from all Agents minds. We cannot, of course, compromise this location to the Enemy.
The Emperor Protects!"


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