Broadsword Station

"The Emperor Protects!" she echos as a smile is given to the noble Astartes standing next to her. With a nod she moves towards the exit, awaiting the departure of the Inquisitor before she left, her metallic wings folding and and wrapping about her as if some kind of shielding cloak as to not inconvenience anyone in her movements.

Severinas inclines his head one last time to the Inquisitor Lords and then the Grand Master. "In His name."

Without further comment, he retires to the armoury to secure his weapons and transfer them to the Unrelenting Light.

With a nod the man-mountain unfolds his arms and decrees in his rumble of a voice, "By His Will On Terra." before his wide shouldered form turns, heavy fur cloak tossed slightly by his motion. Taking a single heavy step caused a strange reverberation throughout the room and as his cloak settled behind him once more and his second foot nearly hit the floor he is suddenly gone, vanished before the very eyes of all present...

Constantine inclines his head towards the Grand Master. "We shall not fail." He turns and heads out of the room. He doesn't have much to prepare but he goes through the motions anyway. His personal rituals help smooth out the Empyrean ripples that constantly assault him by focusing his mind into a fortress against which nothing can easily penetrate.

Terrellios bows respectfully to the three figures before exiting the room without having said anything the entire time. Once he enters the next corridor he sighs at the prospect of yet another mind wipe and then proceeds to the mind wipe to perform the procedure and then use the extra space to store everything he can on the Koronus Expanse.

Arland bows at the departure of the Inquisitor Lords. Titus waits for the others to exit the room and make for being mind cleansed. This was Arlands first mission and one that he did not intend to fail or for that matter any of the others. Being among the most respected company that he has known, the slight mistake with words could land a bolter shell between the eyes. Pulling up his cowl, backpack, great hammer Arland Titus walks out of the room last and follows the others Grey Knights.


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