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It is not going to be those exact roles Tango and Cash just happens to be my favorite Buddy Cop movie of all time. Fly only dresses in his jumpsuit and/or skeinsuit at all times. For formal events you would have to remind him 30 mins before the event that grease stained overalls are a no no. He does not think about things like manners, social etiquette or clothes.

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Went ahead and added the Needler rifle back to H'trank's sheet, as I never heard back on the laser rifle idea. I'll get her other info added today (background, appearance, etc).
I thought I addressed this question earlier, I apologize if it wasn't clear. GSS does not issue rifles except on raids, or other high-risk operations. They prefer their operatives carry pistols; it is less threatening. After all, it's a security company, not a mercenary company. You are welcome to purchase your own, of course, but they will not assist in that. Again, if you reasonably need it for a mission, they will issue it. But it's not standard.

Hey where do you want to discuss possible future plans and stuff?

Welcome aboard to Coronoides.

The character creation information is in this thread, start at the beginning.

For equipment you don't have access to the GSS standard equipment.

If you want to jump right into the game, generate your stats first, assume some clothing and place yourself in the First Chance Cafe, where two strangers just walked in and ordered. As we go you and I can work out the details of the character sheet.

Hey Coronoides glad to see you -- I play Ice who is currently just chillin out

You could make them have been a local advance agent for the company we work for -- someone not stated was there because well they would not know exactly where they'd be and stuff

Or maybe someone that used to work for the company chose to do freelance work for a while or something and then have one of the 2 players know the character

Just some thoughts on how to tie the new player in so they are not just some guy we met in the bar and decided to for some unknown reason to trust our lives to them without question

Oh hey I could use a buddy -- my last buddy .. uh.. got left behind maybe Ice knows you (he's a scout from time to time as well as a pilot/driver)

Welcome Coronoides! But, I have to disagree - no more friends for Ice... I've seen what kind of friends he has around, troublemakers... and the bad kind that gets caught and keeps piling on the charges! Not to mention the kind that says my character is lying! :-)

Glad to still see you around DeJoker - been worried that you guys on the ship have stopped playing because I haven't seen any posts from you guys.

Hey Ice be chillin -- not much to do when your chillin and don't worry you won't lose me that easily

Oh and Ice is not a bad guy so he must have some friends that render a positive influence so maybe Coronoides's character provides that kind of influence -- and oh wait isn't your character a sort of friend of Ice's as well

Still here, its just difficult make worthwhile posts when all your character can do is twiddle his thumbs waiting for the scouts to report back.

Hi Coronoides.

Hey Jedric we could shoot the breeze -- ya know see which one of us can actually nail the wind -- the gun fire shouldn't draw too much attention if we keep the guns in the vehicle

Intro works for me. I'm off sick today so will get sheet done and get started!


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