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I believe MadHatter has left the game - he is no longer (I don't remember if he was originally) a "player" on the game page and it would appear he's been on-line since the posting. Not sure when/if you want to NPC him if he doesn't finish off this scene off or how else you want to proceed.

Hmm, you're right. Considering his last two posts in this thread, I thought he had changed his mind about leaving he game.

I will not NPC Fly much, I can not do him justice. Just enough to end the scene and let Cid board the ship.

Color me concerned but wasn't Fly our Tech?

I believe Cody (Jedric) is also a Tech.

I too was hoping that MadHatter was staying, but appearances make me believe otherwise.

Cody is a computer-tech, no robotics or mech/elec tech.

Re MadHatter: Removing yourself from a game is generally pretty final.

We've hit, I believe, the 50% drop-out mark. Pretty typical in my experience both reading and playing in PbP games.

50% -- who'd we all lose ??

We are now out the following 4 if my memory serves me correct:
Connor Flylock - MadHatter - Roboticist/Shooter
H'trank - d_ns - Sharpshooter/Scout
Andrew LaFollet - Dragyn - Martial Artist/Investigator
Kangee Torgan - Ghost Wolf - Scout/Sharpshooter

Which leaves

Cid M. Bawl - zeo2002 - Team Medic/Sociologist
Alexis Grant - kbrn62 - Investigator/Star Soldier
Irwin Chalmers - DeJoker - Transporter/Scout
Cody Amoran - Jedric - Sharpshooter/Computer Tech

Not much firepower in the lot -- so I wonder if we can get a bunch of Red Shirts to help us out and maybe one engineer -- maybe the ship's got an engineer

Yes, there is an engineer on board as well. Since the decks are vertical and kind of small, you haven't met it yet.

Fly was called off as soon as you guys left the arrival hall, and separates from Cid in the corridor. Cid goes on the private docks, Fly goes to book his return flight.

A note about the threads:

Shortly I will put up a thread for Scene 3 on the planet. The trip is about seven standard days. During that time you are free to interact with each other, the ship's crew, the Professor, or to hide in your cabin. You can look over the equipment package in the cargo hold, including the extra large explorer which takes up most of the space. Once the ship lands the action moves to the Scene 3 thread. Okay?

Also, please ask any questions to make sure we are clear on what is going on, etc.


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