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just a warning suddenly mad busy. For the next two weeks posting may be limited to what i can type on my phone while waiting for bus.

What do we have no explosive expert??

I would say Ice with his Demolitions training would be the best. I quick checked for something similar to explosive training and that works for me!


No one has Demolitions as a chosen skill.

Okay if I recall these are my character's skills.

Skills List
Ground Vehicles [Level: 1]
Survival [Level: 1]
Projectile Weapons [Level: 1]
Pan-Galactic Langauge [Level: 5]

I thought the PSA 2 was a collection of possible skills not a you have all these skills kind of thing or am I wrong about that?

So, is there another way in? Perhaps the camp is well liked by prospectors because there is only one defendable way in.

Could be that I saw demolitions but that it wasn't actually taken. It had been a while since I looked at the system mechanics for skills (since basically character creation) so I may have been a little out of it. But it looks like we don't have any demolitions. Perhaps a detective skill could determine what these went to and possibly how to disarm? I wanted more feedback in character before suggesting the option. I don't know how many active players we have. Ice, Alexis, Drietes, Cody and myself - am I missing someone? Three of the potential 4 that are there have responded.

Detective to sub for Demolitions hmmm more like a Repair or Crafting skill with a heightened difficulty or something like that I really do not see Detective being a viable alternative.

GM call I think or we go by old style gaming technique... improvise.

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