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Thus why I suggested a detective route - detect the trap and the origins... determine if it is even explosives or if it's duds but they want to deter people through here. We may just have to find another way through, but the best way to do that is to determine what this trap does (if anything).

Yes I do realize its a GM's call -- I was just giving my feedback to the GM's question -- or at least it seemed like a question asking for feedback -- if it is or is not is for the most part immaterial -- as its only my opinion and frankly I know I am not the GM so my opinion ultimately means naught and I am cool with that.

I don't remember seeing a GM question that you may be referring to. Also, if I remember correctly in this system you can try most things untrained - you just don't have as good of a chance. So perhaps someone with steady hands and a high deduction (logic?) rating try? All else fails, we just send in the person with the most Reaction speed so they can run out of the trap once it goes off.

Demolitions is a Military PSA skill; anyone with Military PSA can try it, using the base chance only. 1/2 Dex would do. There are modifiers to the roll: I will give a +20%; there would be a -15% if there was no light, but the prof at least has one.

Not to sound too anal... but how are we contacting Drietes since he wasn't with the company to start with and, I assume, no one had given him one of our coms. I was going to be waiting until I heard/saw something big that required immediate attention or he came up to get us.

EDIT: I guess it would have been feasible to get him linked onto our coms on the ride over if someone knew how to add someone into the encryption or gave him the right frequency. I don't remember what exactly we decided was the proper ways to secure them.

Well we either give him a preset com (I am sure we have a few extra just in case one gets broken although those are probably still on the ship maybe?? GMs call) -- otherwise the guy we left behind was the one that knew how to make the modifications.

Interesting, I just thought they were talking out loud. Voices carry, the spaces are tight; I guess it depends on how far back the others pulled when Drietes went for the trap.

I'm just going to say and probably jynx myself... the dice gods do not understand this game... and I like taking advantage (finally) of their misunderstanding! A two, is something I normally roll in most games and thus my rolls usually suck... but in this game, that is a good thing and I appreciate it.

So, since Drietes has been on world a while does he have any idea of what the company might bring to the party in a situation like this?

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