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Hey Grendel -- I noted we got the general specs on the planet but surely with a mining outfit there -- they would have the general ground condition/composition as well as any atmospheric conditions that would relate to adverse affects on vehicles and such -- yes/no?

Also do you want me to continue posting equipment to your new equipment thread? The stuff I know you have approved first followed by stuff that you would need to approve?

Grendel thanks for the explanation. I did not know what device could be used to send message but I assumed there would be cell phone esque technology. Does our chronometer have a PDA or text messaging function. I still don't understand it completely by you message. It sounds like you are saying a PDA is different then the chromo meter. I want Fly to have a device to text message and call other people. Is that not possible here?

Okay I am not the GM @Mad but from what I understood of that message the answer to your question is -- No

The Chronocom -- is a wristwatch sized verbal only communication device plus time keeper

The Datapad -- is simply a document editing and viewing device that can upload and download files.

Then you have computers but nothing (from the sound of it) smaller than a standard laptop (and that might be stretching it a bit not 100% sure).

I edited my post about the chronometer. Sorry Chronocom I keep saying meter cause of Star Wars that's what they call watches. So I believe it more reflects what tech is like here in SF

DeJoker, yes, please put the equipment notes in the new thread. As for the details on the planet, what you have is a cursory search. Deep research would turn up a little more of what you are asking, but you haven't had time for that yet. Also, since no reports have been filed, it will all be preliminary survey stuff. Bottom line, you can keep digging, but either there is no more relevant information, or more information that should be there is missing. You decide which one you think it is and proceed.

There is a decent article in Frontiersman 8 on Chronocoms. It takes them a bit farther than I want as the author adds text messenger capability, albeit inconvenient such. I rather like the 'frontier feel' of SF, that mix of low and high tech that comes with lasers and atomic (vice fusion) engines.

Kind of like -- Firefly (Serenity) but not quite as cowboyish

Oooooooooooooo hope there not any Reavers wanderin' these here parts

Hey Grendel I hope you do not mind but a made a new Equipment thread so I could organize what's there -- that and to fix your misspelling of Equipment (Equioment) --- but mainly for the organization purposes because I cannot adjust your posts but you can adjust mine. Oh and boss please look over the GSS Kit descriptions I found some more in depth descriptions for the items I was missing descriptions for.

Oh and guys do you have any preference in what order that I put the equipment --- guns first misc first or what?

Put them in preference of what Fly wants. Which is everything however you want it.

Yeah if I organize things the way Fly wants it we won't be able to find anything. Well easily anyway.

No worries, I appreciate the help. I deleted the 'Equioment' thread. We'll stick with yours.

Hey Mad I think you need to reread things... we are not currently moving and the Vrusk (spelt with a K btw) is across the street watching us.

Either that or I am like totally lost -- which can happen sometimes. Stupid trees often makes it so you can't see the forest.

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