(group 1) Chapter 1: Of Things Long Past

"Our aim is not slow your business, I assure you Cap'n," Jona added obligingly, "Only to expedite our own. If you were able to stop us due south of the marshes...we're planning to head north from there. When were you expecting to leave port? We have some supplies, I even have a horse in a stable not too far...Again, we wouldn't want to slow your business, but we would return any favors, in kind."

Jona smiles and nods his head down Unable to find the game forum.

The captain sighs heavily at the mention of a horse and seems about to say something, but suddenly seems to change his mind. He furrows his brow and scratches his chin.

"The marshes, you say?" he says. "'Bout halfway along our voyage...Hm. I suppose we could accommodate you lot. Two of you who know your way round a ship, you be put on the watch with the others for the voyage, a'right? Short-handed a bit as we are. Fine, go gather your things and whatnot. We're ready to sail anytime, and I daresay we would leave now...but I guess I'm feelin' in a charitable way today. Just hurry up, a'right?"

Jona offers his hand to the captain, looking in him the Unable to find the game forum and shaking firmly when it is grabbed. "I think we can agree to that arrangement. We'll be sure to hurry, we are just as eager to set sail as you."

After the shake he turns to do collect his things. Before he starts off, he looks around to his comrades, "I don't have any questions, do you fellas?"

To the Captain, Johan said, "Aye aye, sir. I have all my gear with me. What watch would you have me stand?"

Turning to Jona, he shook his head.

Standing quietly at ease, Ezryn leans down to ruffle the ears of his wolf companion as they both resign themselves to sailing aboard the ship - an experience that both of them would rather avoid though the speed with which they could reach the marsh overrode their concerns - then speaks up for the first time since coming aboard. "I have no real experience aboard a vessel such as this but I have keen eyes and ears and my companion and I are useful in a scrap, if I have your leave, Captain, we will make our way to the bow beside the ballista we will keep watch for any threats and might even be able to dissuade any of the local wildlife from attacking or slowing our progress..."

Never being on a ship even close to this size before Garn tries to stay out of the way while the sailors are busy.

As the ship set sail, Ezryn looked down at the water splashing against the prow of the ship and stood motionless for several long minutes as his companion leaned heavily against his leg. It seemed that he was lost in his own memories, his mind traveling a fair distance in both years and miles, and judging by the silent tears running down his face those memories were not good ones. In the chill of winter, these tears soon turned to frost upon his cheeks and as he turned from his place on the deck and approached the others once more he wiped the frost away with his gauntleted fingers. ”Johan, greetings. I did not get a chance to speak to you at the inn, I hope you do not think that I was being rude I'm just not used to members of a party venturing off without word or letter. As you have probably already guessed, I am Ezryn; a ranger of this frozen land. My wolf companion and I oft venture across the tundra, the frozen lakes and beneath snow laden trees in search for those not prepared for the ill weather and the dangers they bring. I believe it is for that reason – and my training with the sword of Aengrist at his Church – that I was chosen for this mission. To be blunt...; why did the Queen send you to our side? Not that I am unappreciative, I just like to know the men and women I walk beside.” With that, Ezryn smiles though his arm is thrust through the straps of his shield and his other hand rests upon the hilt of his sword. It's not so much that he distrusts this individual, it's just that so far he has yet to have any reason for either trust or mistrust and the sudden departure of their former companion has him on edge.

Heaving on a line to square away a sail, Johan replied, "Honestly <huff> I don't know <huff>. I had just <huff> finished my <huff> term with <huff> the Navy." Taking a moment to secure the line and eye the sheet, then the Captain for any further direction, he turned his attention back to Ezryn: "Maybe because she thought you'd need a sailor to get where you were going?"

When everyone was on board and ready to go, deckhands untied the small sailing ship from its moorings and the ship shoved off.

The captain, after making a round to see everything was in order, came up to the group. "With this fair weather and the prevailin' wind, I reckon we'll make good time," he says. "Should have ya off at the marshes in about 16 hours, if'n we don't hit any snags along the way."

The sea is a little choppy in the steady, frigid breeze. The sun is shining and the air is clear, and you can see for miles as the rocky coast of the island fades into the distance. Far off to the south occasionally you see porpoises breaching. The continuous saltwater spray from the waves slapping against the hull eventually freezes on the deck, and has to be broken up.

The trip seems to be going well and uneventful, until a couple of hours after lunch. Everything is quiet until suddenly, the captain comes out of his cabin, looking around wide-eyed at the sea on all sides, and then squinting into the distance. Then he storms up to the pilot at the helm.

"What in the nine hells do ya think yer doin'?" he shouts. "We're too far out, this isn't our usual lane. You know better than to take us through these cursed waters. We need to be further toward land, in the regular path!"

The pilot cringed under the captain's yelling, then furrowed his brow, scratched his chin, and said slowly, "Well, maybe I misread the charts or somethin'..."

The captain looked flabbergasted. "Misread the...? We've done this route countless times and you never misread them before!"

The pilot just shrugged apologetically, and the captain shook his head. "Great, just great, these cursed waters..." he grumbled.

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