(group 2) Chapter 1: The Price of Survival

"Sounds good t' me. But we should have a watch, just'n case." He's not going to admit it out loud, but the snow is beginning to bother him, making his calfs cramp every now and then, and he's found himself silently and creatively cursing the gods in charge of the weather quite a few times the last hour. "Won't be surprised if a sleep deprived bear walks int' camp in the middle of the night either." Why? Well bad news never, ever travel alone, and this weather is certainly starting to qualify.

Seeing as how all were in agreement, L'lef continued to trudge onward in the snow. He was certian the others would follow. He pulled the hood of his cloak back as he walked to gaze up into the sky. His piercing blue eyes looking upwards for a moment.

Due to the heavily falling snow and the snow on the ground eventually rising to knee-height, the going is more tough and by the end of the 2 hours you've gone about another 3 miles. By the time you stop, the snow seems to be starting to let up a bit; it's still falling, but not as heavily as before. The queen's army supposedly tries to keep the roads clear of snow, but it's hard to say when exactly they would be along to clear the highway.

"Well the poor sods on snow patrol won't be happy once this stops." Corynn isn't to happy with it himself, he knows it will take the army a while to get this far out to clear the snow, meaning they'll either waste time waiting for them or they'll keep walking and see if the army catches up with them or not.
He shrugs and gets his tobacco pipe going again, then helps to set up camp for the night. "I'll take first watch."

Deresk has little knowledge of the workings of the empire, knowing mostly what he has seen from occasional incursions into human lands and seeing large bands of soldiers clearing snow. From what Corynn says, they might have some assistance moving around. He throws down his blanket and bedroll while sniffing the odd smell coming from Corynn's pipe. An interesting contraption, though he wonders what the man gets from it. Usually one avoids getting smoke in their chest unless ther eis some magic benefit.

"Aye and I'll the one after that," he offers. "I prefer the early morning, just before dawn, to meet the spirits, so the I'll wait beneath the moon."

L'lef's blue eyes gazed about the area and made a note of where a
fair bit of plants should be off to the side of the road. "Well, before we set up camp... we should find some shelter shouldn't we? We need a place with plants nearby to keep us warm. Cover doesn't matter to me, I don't know about you three."

"That depends." Deresk says after grabbing some jerked meat from his pack. "Are we hunters or the hunted? Most deer and elk I have met like a bit of cover when they rest. The bears and wolves I know like a bit of cover to hide from rivals, but move to much to need to hide from their prey. I say we are predators, so I am with you. A little are a with plants and protection from wind will suffice. We won't be resting long."

Deresk check the surrounding area. The mangy bear has been keeping distant, standing watch at teh edges of his vision. There is an anxiety about him, and an eagerness to get a move on. That is a sign that he is on the right path, and a sign they need to move at a fast pace.

"I don't freeze th't easily." Corynn says in indifference, just wanting to get of his legs for the night.

"And I will take the needed watch," Ruln rumbles, seemingly indifferent to which one he has been assigned to, though, as the talk turns to shelter and warmth, he turns to the others, seemingly much more at ease speaking away from the city's lights and sounds and smells. "It depends on much. If you must have warmth, cover is best... as I heard words earlier, words of caution, of others coming upon us, and an uncovered fire will do nothing for us, nothing for warmth or for stealth. We will need clear ground to keep flame; and that can be shelter enough." For the north, even with the wind and the snow, he would barely call it cold; indeed, bare skin can be seen on his arms, and his legs could indeed be dressed more warmly, though perhaps the fur he wears helps.

L'lef's blue eyes fell upon Ruln and a sigh came forth from the giant lad then a moment later he responded, "I do not need a fire to create warmth. Warmth comes from the earth."


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