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Rock Paper Scissors Hit Points

-The Well of Mysteries-
You successfully dispatch the remaining Wights, but in order to retrieve the teddy bear, you would need to move the Wight corpses out of the way... and there just isn't enough room at the bottom of the well. As you stand atop the mound of dead undead, you feel a vague sense of foreboding...
What do you do?

-Is That a Turnip in your Pocket?-
This just isn't our Mage's day. If only he could get a moment to himself to use his Arcane Lore. Surely he could figure out the best way of removing his curse. Alas, he instead finds himself confronted by a brutish Orc. He casts one of his six remaining spells - Charm Person - and silently prays that his Orcish isn't as rusty as he fears it is.

Is that a turnip in your pocket?

The mage casts a purple spell (illusion related) to confuse the hell out of the brutish orc, hoping to duplicate the effects of ye olde local LSD herb.

The Well of Mysteries

Engage in air guitar solo, whilst imagining <insert favourite metal chorus here>.


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